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STEM Pathways

STEM Pathways

STEM Student Resources

​​​This page is where we provide links to our resources for current students. Check back for updates!

Brand new STEM students: our Summer Bridge program is the best way to get ready for the fall semester. Meet your professors, earn free college credit, establish your STEM support system and more! Get more information here.

The Cumberland Bridges to Rowan program is open to any Biological Science major and is an awesome opportunity to start your research career early. You can participate in CB2R while also participating in any other cohort program on campus. 

Need help with books? Sign up to borrow a book here. We encourage all STEM Pathways s​tudents to apply. Please note that during the covid pandemic, our ability to lend books is uncertain but we encourage you to apply just in case we are able to do it. 

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Could you use some help with math? STEM Pathways has developed a new course called Succeeding in STEM Study Skills that specifically addresses how students learned to approach math and helps students remedy their mathematics woes. This course is offered for free to STEM Pathways students. For more information, please contact Albert Price at [email protected]