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Past Events


 ACT Reception 10/19/21

​​​​​​​​​​​​On Tuesday, October 19 community and college members gathered in support of the Adult Center for Transition ( ACT ) Program .
The ACT Program is a post-secondary experience that affords young adults with special needs the opportunity to develop employment, academic, and socialization skills necessary to become independent and contributing members of society. The Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation developed an ACT scholarship to assist Cumberland students with their educational expenses.

Visit the  ACT Program for more information.
Visit the Donate page​ to make a gift to the program.

 Catherine J. Arpino Building Dedication


 2021 Schol Counts Golf Classic 6-2-21

​​School Counts! Donor Appreciation Dinner, 5/4/21


 School Counts Golf Classic, 9/29/20

The Golf Classic goal is to support the School Counts! scholarship program, which provides Rowan Colle​ge of South Jersey Cumbe​rland Campus two-year tuition scholarships to county high school students who earn four consecutive School Counts! certificates and a high school diploma.​​


President's Scholarship Reception and School Counts Recognition Ceremony, 9/14/20 

In May each year, the President's Scholarship Reception awards more than $120,000 to over 100 RCSJ – Cumberland Campus students and Cumberland high school students.  Scholarships are awarded based on academics, athletics, student life and more.  Thank you to all our donors, community leaders, and partners in making this scholarship ceremony a memorable event each year. 

The School Counts! Recognition Ceremony is an annual ceremony recognizing School Counts! students on​ track for their 4th School Counts! certificate.  Students have the opportunity to earn a School Counts! certificate for each year in high school if they accomplish a higher than 95% attendance record, complete Algebra 1, achieve a grade of C or better in every course, and graduate from high school on time.

​ Designer Handbag Bingo, 2/19/20

Bag Bingo.png

Designer Handbag Bingo will be held on Friday, February 28, 2020. This will be the 3rd annual Bingo hosted by the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation and the Cumberland Campus Alumni Association. Proceeds for this event will benefit scholarships for RCSJ-Cumberland Students. ​

​News and Brews, 5/2/19


Alumni took a tour of the brewery and learned about the equipment and brewing process, enjoyed local craft beer, participated in Games and  competed for door prizes!


Giving Thanks, 11/29/18

giving thanks dinner​The event, attended by nearly 70 donors and students, was held to celebrate the accomplishments of students who are attending the Cumberland Campus, but also to express gratitude to the people who donate to these scholarships. Several students made brief comments at the dinner, sharing how the support from donors has made a difference in their ability to continue with their education. Support for Cumberland’s students, faculty, and programs has always been a part of the college’s core. With the continued partnership of alumni and friends, the college’s mission to serve the public good and create a better future for students can be fulfilled. Over the years, the Campus distribution of scholarships to students in need, has averaged more than $675,000 annually. That is why the Foundation wanted to break from the traditional fundraising event model and simply take time to say thank you.

The Forgotten, 4/11/18

forgotten butterflies“The Forgotten” emphasized and promoted awareness around the children of the Holocaust; children whose names are known as well as children whose names were never recorded. The focal point of this experience, led by the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation, in partnership with Stockton University and the Irving and Esther Raab Family Foundation, was a display of butterflies in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures created as part of a community collaboration among local school children. The butterflies created a walk through garden effect honoring both the memory of the children who perished in the Holocaust, as well as those who survived. Additionally, the experience featured the work of Manfred Bockelmann whose charcoal-on-canvas portraits of children of the Holocaust provide a haunting reminder of what occurred. The evening also featured specially chosen period live music, poetry readings, film footage, art and special guests. 

Royal Run 5K & Campus Walk, 4/28/18

royal run 2018Participants become royalty for the day during the Foundation & Alumni Association’s Royal Run, featuring a 5K and one-mile campus walk. Royal themed costumes were donned by children and adults alike. Proceeds from the event assisted the college’s Alumni Association by providing services and benefits to graduates of RCSJ-Cumberland and scholarships to local students.​​

2018 School Counts! Golf Classic, 6/6/18

2018 golf classicThe Foundation held its 18th School Counts! Golf Classic at the newly renovated Union League National Golf Club. The golf tournament assists the Cumberland County Campus ​Educational Foundation with raising awareness and funding for the School Counts! program which encourages students to develop workforce readiness habits deemed necessary by area employers. Students have the opportunity to earn a School Counts! certificate for each year in high school if they accomplish a higher than 95% attendance record, complete Algebra 1, achieve a grade of C or better in every course, and graduate from high school on time. Students who earn four consecutive School Counts! certificates are eligible for a two-year tuition scholarship to Cumberland Campus. This year’s event raised more than $50,000 for School Counts! students.

Left to right: Steve Ahrens, Bryan Kruysman, Rob Rone, Dave Mazowski of the Wendy’s Foursome were the lucky winners of this year’s event.