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Planned Giving

​​Visions Society
The Visions Society Goal is Simple:
Enlist community members to invest in the future by making appropriate plans today.

If your vision for Cumberland County’s future includes booming economic growth and proud, productive families – we encourage you to join the Foundation's Visions Society.

Education is the key for improving the quality of life in our community. When educated people are able to obtain family sustaining jobs, life is better for everyone. We all benefit when community members are able to better their lives through education, and our graduates provide valuable services and leadership as professionals in our neighborhoods.

You can make a real difference in people’s lives by including Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation in your will or designating the Foundation as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy. When you join the Visions Society, your lasting legacy will dramatically improve life in our community.

Visions Society Planned Giving

Your Will:
You can name the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation in your will. Included in your will can be gifts of specific property such as cash, securities, and personal property; a percentage of your estate; or the residue of your estate.

Gifts of Life Insurance:
Giving through life insurance is an easy, powerful way to make a substantial gift to the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation . You can designate an existing policy or purchase a new one.

Retirement Savings:
You can name the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of a portion of your retirement funds . You will need to contact the administrator of your Individual Retirement Account, Profit Sharing Account, or other retirement plan for information on how to make this gift.

Charitable Remainder Trusts:
It is possible for you to place funds in a qualifying trust, which will provide income to you (and your spouse) for life. Then, upon your death and your spouse’s death, the principal can be paid out to the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation.

View the Visions Society Brochure

For more information on Visions Society Planned Giving, contact the Foundation Office at 856-200-4556 or E-mail [email protected].

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