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​​​​​KotoriCon would not happen without an enthusiastic​ and friendly crew of volunteers. Some volunteers have been coming back every year since we started!

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Volunteer applications are available in September. You must be 18 to apply to volunteer.  All volunteers will be completing a required Title IX training course.  

Mandatory orientation sessions are held in​ January ​for all volunteers.

Volunteer Session

Live Stream is available on our
FACEBOOK GROUP "Kotoricon Volunteers"

All KotoriCon Volunteers are asked to attend planning meetings and informational sessions throughout the year. These sessions will be sent via email, Social Medias, and SLACK channels.

Join us Wednesday, January 8, 2020 for our 
KotoriCon Volunteer ORIENTATION! 
Get your schedule, t-shirt, Program and see what is new this year!

Questions? Email us at volunteers@kotoricon.org

Please check your emails for vital volunteer information!​​

Sign up to Volunteer TODAY!

Questions? Email us at volunteers@kotoricon.org​

Please check your emails for vital volunteer information!

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