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2020 Artist's Alley

2020 Artist's Alley Applications open August 1 - September 15.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE APPLYING.  This is a juried application review.

KotoriCon Artists Alley applications are reviewed by a committee and successful applicants are informed by the end of October.  It is NOT a first-come first-served process. No 18+ material is allowed in KotoriCon's Artist's Alley.  We do not accept artists if more than 30% of their work for sale is fan art. KotoriCon staff will be available day of the event to survey individual tables for the same 30% as listed in your application.

Submit an online portfolio with examples of your work. Portfolios are mandatory in order to review your application. Alternatively, if you have an online store, that can be used as a substitute. No Facebook pages, Tumblr profiles, or Deviant art profiles are accepted. There are many free portfolio websites available for use, and we set up examples. We need to see specific samples of your work. Categorize your work; you need a section of original art, and a selection of fanart (if relevant).   Include prices.

Example Portfolios: http://kotoriconexample.daportfolio.com/ , https://kotoriconexample.carbonmade.com/projects/5706731#1 , https://www.behance.net/kotoriconexample  
Portfolio Sites: http://portfolio.deviantart.com/ ,  https://www.behance.net/  ,  https://carbonmade.com/  

The review committee's decisions are final.  We reserve the right to select an assortment of artists and crafters that we feel are the best fit for KotoriCon. Once the decision has been made we will maintain a waiting list in case tables open up. The openings depend on the type of art or craft we need to fill the space.


This is a two day convention, January 10th-11th, 2020. The building that hosts the Artist Alley will open from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM on Saturday, January 11 (Friday night will be reserved for early unloading and registration). We have tickets capped at 1,500 attendees.

Each artist alley member selling will need to register to collect sales tax in NJ.
New Jersey law requires all vendors, even “one-time” vendors, to register with the State for tax purposes at least 15 business days before starting business, and to collect New Jersey sales tax on all sales of taxable tangible personal property or services. There are no special provisions for temporary vendors. Once registered, you must file all required returns until you properly end your tax registration with New Jersey.
File Form NJ-REG (Business Registration Application) to register with the State to collect/remit New Jersey taxes such as sales tax or employee withholdings, and to obtain a New Jersey tax identification number. You can register online or file a paper application. For additional information on registering your business visit the Division of Revenue’s website at http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/revenue/gettingregistered.shtml
Also see publications ANJ-11, Arts & Crafts Businesses and New Jersey Sales Tax, ANJ-15, Flea Markets & New Jersey Sales Tax, and ANJ-13, Ending Your Tax Registration in New Jersey, available at the Division’s Sales and Use Tax Publication page at http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/publsut.shtml

Kotoricon cannot be responsible for the vendor registration to New Jersey State for collecting sales tax.
We have the right to remove an artist if a Proof of Registration certificate is missing or not valid. To obtain a proof of registration, visit http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/revenue/proofreg.shtml

You agree to collect required taxes and follow state and federal regulations regarding your sales. Registered sellers must display their New Jersey Certificate of Authority at their sales location at all times. There is a useful document regarding sales taxes in NJ at: http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/pdf/pubs/sales/anj11.pdf

Please email questions to vendors@kotoricon.org

Please refer your friends and customers to the http://KotoriCon.org website for the link to registration.​​

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