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2020 Artist's Alley

​​College Center

Mezzanine Level

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(1) Japanese Anime Guild

Bring your completed Scavenger Hunt photos here to claim your prize and get points for your team.

(2) KotoriCon T-Shirts, Pins and Merchandise available here!

(3) Rowan College of South Jersey

(4) Photobooth

Stop here for a free photo!


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(5) Smashbeetle! exhibits a colorful array of animal and mythological derived art with influences from tattooing, cultural patterns and styles. They have prints, bags of all sizes, stickers and enamel pins and patches to decorate with!

(6) Nicole Stahl Art has creepy cute art and accessories for your inner cryptid kid. Also, stop by and check out their self-published card game Table Fighter!

(7) Cross' Critters is the brainchild of the monster-loving, plush-maker Megan Cross. Her keystone project, the Figments, are a line of 100% original monster plush, complete with names, species, and immersive backstories. Come one, come all -- enter the fantastical world of the Figments.

(8) Jamie McGonnigal: Community Activist, Voice Actor, and long term supporter of KotoriCon!

(9) Harlow Diggs: If you have a soft spot for stories about sensitive gamers, come check out the original comic works of Harlow Diggs!

(10) Devil's Bakery: Cute and elegant art prints, plush, bags and accessories!

 (11) Sweet Mildred offers hand sewn gothic lolita clothing in flexible sizing. Fans of gothic, sweet and classic lolita can find the perfect accessory for their outfit. Stop by and see what we have in stock!

(12) KayCat: Lover of all things monster, animal, and, fandom. You'll find a booth where cryptids, tarot, and blockbusters exist good and well.

(13) Cheppoly is returning this year with all new fanart prints and charms, as well as original pins and accessories that are sure to get a laugh.

(14) Chantal Rae Draws is an artist who loves to create colorful and magical artwork. They sell prints, keychains, buttons, stickers, and more. Everything that they sell is hand-drawn.

(15) Curse Club: AGLENNCO is an illustrator who makes weird art about monsters, NJ, and transit using fiber and printmaking techniques.

(16) Monica “MonMon" H. is a designer/ Illustrator/ crafter/ comic artist from Northern VA! Her work ranges from colorful hand cut paper crafts/illustrations to illustrated prints. From corgis, to stars and mermaids, Monica will find something for you at her table, even a nice note card!

(17) Hikari wo Sagasu specializes in original handmade accessories inspired by Japanese culture.  From cute Lolita earrings and macaron necklaces for any Lolita fashion coord and to intricate origami and kanzashi hair pieces!

(18) PTHS Anime Club is a high school club of young fans.  They combine efforts to produce various works of traditional art, crafts, plush, and clothing to raise money for their clubs

(19) Bunnies and Cream: Handmade bath, body and wax products, as well as accessories and apparel with a cute bunny theme and lots of love! Member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Union.

(21) Bee Fant: Bright colors and detailed linework are cornerstones of Bee's prints, stickers, and zines.

(22) Darling & Krypt cosplayers

(23) Dragon Jedi performers

(24) Mystic Realms LARP

(25) SGM Merch Store (ShawnGarroneMusic) is a brand that connects the anime fandom, to the instrumental music performance community.

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