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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Student Guidelines for Tutoring

​​​In keeping with our mission of helping students become successful, independent learners, ​Academic Support Center tutors are available all semester. We encourage students to visit the Center regularly. Students are welcome to attend tutoring every day, for up to an hour per subject per day. Many students may need multiple tutoring sessions. Keep this in mind when preparing for a test.

Please remember that tutors will help as many students as possible. Drop-in tutoring is available for most subjects throughout the week. Check out our tutors' schedule for your subjects. The schedule is posted on the door to the Center and on the website. 

Midterm and final times are especially busy. Plan on visiting the Center often during those times, and consider forming a study group with a few classmates. 

​Objectives of Tutoring

  • To assist students in understanding and learning subject material from the course.

  • To help students achieve their academic goals by preparing them for future classes.

  • To help students become independent learners.​

​What to Expect From a Tutoring Session

  • Students should log in and out at the front desk for each tutoring session.

  • Tutors will listen attentively to students' concerns and assist in reviewing what has been covered in class.​

  • Tutors will help clarify assignments, help identify problem areas, and help develop strategies to address them.

  • Tutors will help students learn effective study skills.

  • Tutors will provide the student time to work independently.

  • Tutors will help students understand concepts and strategies for approaching problems so that students are able to do their work independently. 

What Tutors Will Not Do

  • Complete homework for students

  • Give answers to homework questions

  • Help “cram” for a test

  • Help with take-home tests or quizzes. (Instead, tutors will help with similar problems in the textbook.)

  • Teach students new material. If a student misses class, he or she should see faculty first. 

  • Write, proofread or edit students' papers. Students and tutors will work together to help students develop their individual writing styles and effective content and structure.

  • Tutor outside the Academic Support Center. 

​What You Should Do in Preparation for a Tutoring Session

  • Know what you need help with and what you want to accomplish.

  • Attempt homework assignments before arriving for a session and have specific questions ready.

  • Start your research or compile the necessary information.

What You Should Bring to a Tutoring Session

  • Textbook

  • Class notes

  • A pen or pencil

  • Class syllabus

  • Assignments (including any assignment sheets or instructions)

  • Student ID number (A#)

​How to Request Tutoring

  • Stop In: You may request a tutor at the Academic Support Center in Learning Commons Room 603, above the college store.
  • Call:  856-681-6250 for more information or tutors' availability.​