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OPEN, Chair

  • Special events, promotions, community outreach, fund raisers, etc.
  • Coordinate social events to encourage donations and fund raise for student scholarships

Marketing & Communications
Andrea Stanton and Susan Weiss, Co-Chairs

  • Provide updated content for the AAWCC website pages
  • Create promotional materials for upcoming events
  • Facilitate communication within the group and to other interested partners

OPEN, Chair​
  • Serve as ambassadors for existing members and recruit new members, including representation from 
    all segments of the population

Samantha VanKooy, Chair

  • Organizes activities related to support of charitable organizations
  • Administers the Roadrunner Refuel food pantry

Professional Development & Mentorship
Namorah Byrd, Co-Chair & Emily Maddox, Co-Chair

  • Coordinate mentorship between members addressing the different needs of faculty, students, and staff
  • ​Organiz​e professional development opportunities, both on and off campus, for distribution to membership.​