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A Message from Provost Rickards on Grades
As students restart courses online on 3/30, Provost Rickards offers information for students on grading. Most Student Services continue to be available remotely. All College campuses will be closed until further notice.
Workforce at Cumberland

Workforce at Cumberland

Cumberland Hospitality Industry Program


​​The Workforce Development Division at Rowan College of South Jersey-Cumberland has created a comprehensive strategy for addressing youth retail and customer service training to support students’ educational and employment needs. This strategy is based on developing the retail and customer service skills needed to compete for and succeed in employment opportunities in the retail and hospitality industry and help the youth and young adults become active in their community. Retail enterprises make up 12% of the employment industry in Cumberland County, making retail training an in-demand set of skills for employability. These skills transfer easily to the tourism services industry, which represents another 7.1% of employment in the county. 

Program elements will include

  • job readiness training 
  • internship employment 
  • occupational skills training through National Retail Federation curriculum 
  • leadership development 
  • on-the-job mentoring 
  • job placement 
  • follow-up support 
  • a three-credit Freshman Seminar career exploration course at RCSJ-Cumberland that is tailored for the retail and hospitality industries 
  • in-demand industry sector career awareness 
  • career counseling and exploration training​
Eligibility Requirements: Out-of-school youth (OSY)​

  1. Not attending any school (as defined under State law);
  2. Not younger than 16 or older than age 24 at time
    of enrollment. Because age eligibility is based on age
    at enrollment, participants may continue to receive
    services beyond the age of 24 once they are enrolled
    in the program; and​
  3. One or more of the following:​​
    a) A school dropout;
    b) A youth who is within the age of compulsory
    school attendance, but has not attended school for
    at least the most recent complete school year calendar quarter. School year calendar quarter is based
    on how a local school district defines its school year
    quarters. In cases where schools do not use quarters,
    local programs must use calendar year quarters;
    c) An offender;
    d) A homeless individual (as defined in sec.
    41403(6) of the Violence Against Women Act of
    1994, a homeless child or youth (as defined in sec.
    725(2) of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
    Act, or a runaway;
    e) An individual in foster care or who has aged out
    of the foster care system, or who has attained 16
    years of age and left foster care for kinship, guardianship, or adoption; a child eligible for assistance
    under sec. 477 of the Social Security Act), or in and
    out-of-home placement;
    f ) An individual who is pregnant or parenting;
    g) An individual with a disability;
    h) A low-income individual who requires
    additional assistance to enter or complete an
    educational program or to secure or hold
    employment. (20 CFR 681.210)​

​​We are now accepting applications for this fully grant funded program to support Youth Employment in Cumberland County.

  • 3 College credits
  • ABE Support
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Job Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • 2 National Certifications
  • Paid Internship Opportunity
Interested applicants should
contact Patricia Mooneyham,
Assistant Director of Workforce
and Community Education at