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Graduation & Commencement

Graduation & Commencement

Honors Regalia

Honors Regalia

The Honors Adornments

An honor cord or stole is symbolic of a student’s achievements throughout the academic career, through either accomplishing a certain grade point average, being a member of a particular honor society or club, or graduating from a particular school or department within the institution.

​Students with a grade p​o​int average of 3.75  or higher are considered Honors Graduates.

All Honors Graduates receive a special tassel to acknowledge their achievement. Graduates will receive this tassel on commencement day during assembly of academic procession and robing. 

Student should contact their respective club, honor society, or department regarding the process for obtaining Honors Adornments. 

Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Psi Pi Chapter Members:  

Members are entitled to purchase and wear the optional honors stoles and gold tassels, and any other graduation regalia approved by Phi Theta Kappa International. 

All Alpha Psi Pi Chapter members will have a gold seal affixed to their diploma by Enrollment Services staff.​