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Conference Center room with tables, table decorations, and projectors awaiting your next event.

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The Art of Culinart


"Our Service is top-notch...we provide the best service at a good quality and really take pride in how our food is made."
Theresa Sbrana,Culinart Food Service Manager

Great food enhances the experience of events and that is what Culinart provides! We welcome you to enjoy our award-winning, ServSafe certified catering from a team with passion for excellent service and delicious, artful food options.

What makes Culinart proud of the service they provide?
We consistently strive to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by providing high quality catering and exceptional service.  Our team takes great pride in the preparation and presentation of food provided by our catering service.

What do clients get with Culinart that they don't get with other catering services?
Our service is top-notch. We provide our customers with a worry free experience. The Culinart team is present from preparation to presentation. Buffet and table service are provided as requested by our customers. We are always available to create a menu tailored to your specific needs.

What makes the Culinart team so special?
Our staff is versatile and well trained to provide the best service possible.  The entire team is cross-trained and required to be certified—providing an extra benefit to our customers.

Culinart repeatedly received the Five Star Award for Excellence in Food Protection.
What does this mean?
We follow all of the ServSafe guidelines. We take a lot of pride in making sure that our food stays safe by maintaining and cooking food at the proper temperature, as well as cooling foods safely.  To maintain this level of service we require ServSafe certification.

We focus on your needs, one event at a time.​