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Wellness Center at Cumberland

Cumberland CAREs: Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team


RCSJ-Cumberland is committed to the health and wellbeing of the entire community.

The Rowan College of South Jersey - Cumberland Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team is a multidisciplinary campus threat assessment and behavioral intervention team that effectively assesses and addresses threatening and/or concerning behaviors in students. The goal is to intervene with someone before the behaviors escalate to a critical level. The CARE Team promotes a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff focused on student learning and student development and protecting students' access to education.

​​If you have a concern, please reach out​!

Who Should I Reach out to?​​

  • Is this an emergency or Is there an immediate risk to the student(s) or to others?
    If yes, Dial 911 the Contact Campus Security Immediately (856) 200-4777
  • Has a student violated the Code of Conduct or the Academic Integrity Code?
    ​If yes, Report a violation to the Office of Judicial Affairs at (856) 200-4712 or [email protected]
  • Have you observed signs of distress in the student such as a change in mood, affect, or typical behavior physically or in writing?
    Contact Student Counseling and Wellness at (856) 200-4690 or [email protected]
  • Is this student requesting help or is reporting excessive stress, difficulties in relationships, somatic complaints, anxiety or depressive symptoms?
    Contact Student Counseling and Wellness at (856) 200-4690 or [email protected]
  • Are you interested in workshops or events related to health, wellness, or community resources?
    ​Contact Student Counseling and Wellness at (856) 200-4690​ or look at the calendar of events​.​