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Rowan College students outside on campus

Counseling and Wellness Services

Faculty and Staff Referral Guide

Aggression or Emergency
Student Behavioral


The situation(s):

  • Aggressive or violent student
  • Someone is acting in
    a way that threatens themselves or others​

The situation(s):

  • Student who engages
    in serious concerning behavior
  • Student exhibits signs
    of serious distress
    or disturbances
  • Student is not receptive to suggestions to seek assistance

The situation(s):

  • Student “needs to talk to someone” about a personal concern
  • Student is experiencing
    a psychological or emotional crisis

The situation(s):

  • Person with a disability who is in difficulty
  • Ask him/her to
    contact Special Services


Contact Security
Call 911 for emergencies
An officer will respond
and assist.

Contact Student Affairs
Samantha VanKooy, 
Executive Director, Student Engagement
[email protected]
Student Services​

Contact Counseling
and Wellness Services
Lois Y. Lawson-Briddell, Ph.D., MSW, LSW​ Director, Counseling and Wellness Services

Escort the student to CWS, ​College Center Room 206

Contact Special Services
Dennis Cook or 
Carol Weinhardt
Instructional Center
Room 427A


Refer Students

  • Print the Faculty Referral Form

  • Complete as much of the form as possible

  • Drop off form or interoffice mail to CWS

  • CWS will review the information and reach out to the student​

Sexual Assault

Resources for victims of sexual assault