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RCSJ-Cumberland upgrading core systems Feb 27 5pm – Mar 2

During this time, the Admissions Application system, WebAdvisor, Self-Service, and Colleague will not be accessible by students, faculty, and staff. The College website, Blackboard, and Starfish will continue to be accessible during this scheduled maintenance/outage.

Temporarily,  Students may apply with a paper application and may register in-person by visiting the Student Center.

If you have further questions you may contact the Call Center 856-691-8600 x1336.

Financial Aid at Gloucester

Financial Aid at Gloucester

Application Checklist

_____ STEP #1: Create Your FSA ID

_____ STEP #2: Apply for Federal Financial Aid

  • Complete the FAFSA

    Students age 23 and younger must report parent data on FAFSA. Therefore, at least one parent reported on the FAFSA must have an FSA ID in addition to the student


    ​May 1, 2019
    ​Priority Consideration
    ​Jun 30, 2020
    ​Standard Filing

​_____ STEP #3: Apply for State Financial Aid

  • Apply for State Financial Aid

    ​Deadlines ​

    ​Jun 1, 2019FAFSA filing  for all renewal applicants
    ​Sep 15, 2019​State Grant Record for renewal applicants (Fall & Spring)
    ​Sep 15, 2019FAFSA filing  for all new applicants
    ​Nov 1, 2019​State Grant Record for new applicants (Fall & Spring)
    ​Nov 1, 2019​State Grant Record for renewal applicants (Spring only)
    ​Mar 1, 2020
    ​State Grant Record for new applicants (Spring only)

_____ STEP #4: Apply for Rowan College Scholarships

_____ STEP #5: Review Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

  • Sent to personal email address listed on FAFSA 3-10 Days after online filing
  • May ask you to make corrections to FAFSA
  • Estimated timeline of 14–21 days after filing paper FAFSA

_____ STEP #6: Check Rowan College Email Account

  • Look for "Missing Documentation – Financial Aid" emails
  • All requested paperwork must be submitted within 15 days of this email
  • Estimated timeline: 14–21 days after filing FAFSA with U.S. Department of Education (may be posted sooner)

_____ STEP #7: Review Requirements on Portal

  • Login to the Portal and look under the "Financial Aid Requirements" channel
  • Estimated timeline: 14–21 days after filing FAFSA with U.S. Department of Education (may be posted sooner)

    ​Check status of your file: ​
    ​"R" ​Required
    ​"N" ​In Review
    ​"I" ​Incomplete
    ​"S" ​Satisfied

_____ STEP #8: Submit Documents to Financial Aid

  • All requested documentation must be submitted to Financial Aid as one complete, organized file
  • Continue to check Rowan College email and Portal; additional documentation may be requested to clarify discrepancies or make corrections
  • Deadline: 30 days after request for documentation (See Step #6); students are encouraged to submit documents ASAP

_____ STEP #9: Accept Your Financial Aid Award

  • Once your file is reviewed, the Office of Financial Aid will package you for the aid in which you qualify
  • Log into the Portal and accept your aid package under "Financial Aid Awards" (loans only; grants automatically accepted)
  • Deadline: Immediately after your award is posted to the Portal and you receive the "Rowan College Award Notification" email

_____ STEP #10: Sign Your MPN and Complete Entrance Counseling

  • First-time student loan borrowers must sign a master promissory note and complete entrance counseling for the Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan program at (Login using your FSA ID)
  • Deadline: Immediately after you accept your Direct Loan package through the Rowan College Portal​