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Rowan College at Gloucester County and Cumberland County College merged on July 1, 2019 to form Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ).

Welcome to the RCSJ website (  Please note visitors from and will be redirected to this new site.

Students getting advisement from Rowan College staff

Advisement at Gloucester

Apply to Graduate

All students are required to complete and submit an Application to Graduate.  Paper applications can be picked up at the Information Desk, Express Advising, or when meeting with your Academic Advisor. Locations to pick up the Application to Graduate are located inside the Student Services Building.  The Student Services building is also open until 7pm on Wednesday nights, but please refer to the college calendar for any scheduling changes.

Filing deadlines

​Filing Dates
​Fall 2018
​Prior to December 3, 2018
​Winter 2019
​Prior to January 2, 2019
​Spring 2019
Prior to May 3, 2019
​Summer 2019 (early)
​Prior to June 10, 2019
​Summer 2019 (late)
Prior to August 10, 2019

Graduation Fee:

Once your Application to Graduate is completed a $65 graduation fee* will be applied to your account.  This fee will cover the costs of processing and printing your diploma.  Students who do not pay this fee will not recieve their diploma, nor be able to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.

*Students who are earning a Certificate of Achievement (COA) will not incur a graduation fee.

Risks of Missing the Filing Deadlines:

If your application is not recieved during the dates noted above, the following may occur:

  • The correct courses to take during the final semester may not be known
  • The name may not appear in the Commencement Program
  • The Diploma will be listed and awarded for a later semester
  • The student may not recieve an invitation to particiapte in Instant Decision Day

After your Application to Graduate is completed

After you Apply to Graduate, your advisor will evaluate your degree requirements and a verification email will be sent to your Rowan College email address.  The email will either notify you that all the requirments have been met and your application is accepted, or that you still have outstanding obligations that need to be met and your application is rejected.  If you have obligations that are outstanding, you will want to make an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible.  Please note that all applications recieved will be reviewed during the term that you graduate regardless of when the application was submitted.

Rejected Application

Applications for Graduation may be rejected by th Office of Academic Advisement.  
Reasons for rejection may include:

  • Not meeting all the course requirements for the degree that is sought
  • Student has holds on their account
  • Application was not submitted for the correct term
  • Missing variances and other related paperwork

If your application is rejected, please make an appointment to meet with your advisor as soon as possible.

Recieving Your Diploma

For information regarding your diploma, including dates of issue, mailing dates, and obtaining a replacement, please click here.