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In addition to hosting our Charity Auction, you will also find Uncle Yo running an Interactive Game!
Neo Steel City Mecha Assault:
Join Uncle Yo as host of giant robot attacks against the last bastion of human civilization: Neo Steel City. Will you pilot the robot, protect humanity, or hurl lightning from a post-Apocalyptic thundercloud?
Everybody in the room is an active participant in this game of betrayal, mechanical titans and throwing foam!



Darling began her descent into cosplay experimenting with body paint and hasn’t stopped expanding since. She loves to advocate for respect of the fellow cosplayer, hosting panels on con etiquette and spreading positivity​. Learning and growing, Darling also teaches others the perfect paint job, how to create cheaply and efficiently, or performing in fun and interactive panels! In her spare time, Darling is practicing new makeup looks and bedazzling anything within reach!

Krypt has been heavily invested in costume creation since they were a kid and brought that love into the cosplay world in 2014. They're passionate about armor/prop creation, special effects makeup, and garment creation. Along with co-hosting panels about body paint and SFX with their best friend, Krypt has a focus on body positivity in the cosplay community. They firmly believe that anyone can cosplay whoever they want and that it's not limited to what fits within your body type. Krypt is also a practicing jeweler and blacksmith, wishing to bring more authentic metal pieces into their costume work. A practitioner of fire and fibers!​
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