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Minority Initiative on Leadership and Excellence (MILE)


​​What is the MILE Program?

The Rowan College MILE Program is geared toward providing mentorship and leadership capacity for people of color. The program is focused on supporting minority individuals as they work to complete their​ educational and career goals.​​

MILE Benefits

• $500 Book Scholarships
• Graduation Fee Waiver
• Transfer Scholarship Worth $1,000
• Increased Access
to Academic Resources
• Individual Academic
and Personal Advisement
• Mentorship Program
• Interactive Leadership
and Excellence Workshops
• Local College Tours
• Community Service Projects

Do you want to become a better student?

  Learn Team Building and Development
of Interpersonal Skills
 Improve Intellectual and Academic Proficiency
 Explore Career Options
 Learn Cultural Awareness
and Effective Communication Skills
 Learn Leadership and Personal Growth Skills
 Engage in Community Service
and Service Learning Opportunities
 Participate in a Mentorship Program
If you have answered yes to any of these responses,