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Rowan University Center at Gloucester

Rowan University Center at Gloucester

Undergraduate Degree Programs

​​​​Rowan University offers the following majors. Listed are the minimum prerequisite coursework and GPA requirements students must meet for each program of study.

Rohrer College of Business

Requirements: 2.5 cumulative GPA, Applied Calculus or Calculus I and Statistics I

  • Accounting, B.S.
  • Entrepreneurship, B.S.
  • Finance, B.S.
  • Human Resource Management, B.S.
  • Management, B.S.
  • Management Information Systems, B.S.
  • Marketing, B.S.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics, B.S.

College of Communication and Creative Arts
Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA and portfolio review (*)

  • Advertising, B.A.
  • Art, B.A. or B.F.A.*
  • Communication Studies, B.A.
  • Journalism, B.A.
  • Public Relations, B.A.
  • Radio, Television and Film, B.A.
  • Writing Arts, B.A.

College of Education
Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA, students must dual major (mandate from State of NJ)

  • Early Childhood Education, B.A.
  • Elementary Education, B.A.
  • Health and Physical Education, B.A.
  • K-12 Subject Matter, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies, B.A.


Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering 

Requirements: 3.5 cumulative GPA (3.0 GPA considered), prerequisite coursework found here

  • Biomedical Engineering, B.S.
  • Chemical Engineering, B.S.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, B.S.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, B.S.
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship, B.S.
  • Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

College of Humanities and Social Science
Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA and Placement Exam (*)

  • Africana Studies, B.A.
  • American Studies, B.A.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, B.A.
  • Economics, B.A.
  • English, B.A.
  • Geography, B.A. or B.S.
  • History, B.A.
  • Human Services, B.A.
  • International Studies, B.A.
  • Law and Justice Studies, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science, B.A.
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics, B.A.
  • Philosophy and Religion Studies, B.A.
  • Political Science, B.A.
  • Sociology, B.A.
  • Spanish, B.A.*


College of Performing Arts

Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA and an audition

  • Dance, B.A.
  • Music (Liberal Studies), B.A.
  • Music Composition, B.M.
  • Music Education, B.M.
  • Music Industry, B.S.
  • Music Jazz Studies, B.M.
  • Music Performance, B.M.
  • Theatre, B.A.
  • Theatre – Acting, B.A.
  • Theatre – Design Tech, B.A.
  • Theatre – Musical Theatre, B.A.
  • Theatre – Pre-Teaching, B.A.


College of Science and Mathematics
Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA

  • Biochemistry, B.S.
  • Bioinformatics, B.S.
  • Biological Science, B.S.
  • Biophysics, B.S.
  • Chemistry, B.A. or B.S.
  • Computer Science, B.S.
  • Computing and Informatics, B.A.
  • Mathematics, B.A. or B.S.
  • Physics, B.A. or B.S.
  • Psychological Science, B.S.
  • Psychology, B.A.
  • Translational Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

College of Earth and Environment
Requirements: 2.0 cumulative GPA

  • Environmental Studies, B.A.
  • Geographical Information Science, B.S.
  • Geography, B.A.
  • Geology, B.A. or B.S.
  • Planning, B.S.

School of Health Professions
Requirements: 2.5 cumulative GPA

  • Athletic Training, M.S.
  • Community Health Advocacy and Education, B.S.
  • Health and Exercise Science: Health Promotion and Wellness Management, B.A.
  • Human Performance in Clinical Settings, B.S.
  • Nursing RN-BSN, B.S.
  • Nutrition, B.S.
  • Pre-Med and Health Professions (No Degree)

For more information, please visit Rowan University's Undergraduate Admissions site.