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Rowan University Center at Gloucester

Rowan University Center at Gloucester

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Partnership Overview

​​​​On July 1, 2014, Gloucester County College entered a premier partnership with Rowan University and changed its name to Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ). The goal of this partnership is to make higher education more affordable for South Jersey students by providing a direct, cohesive route to a bachelor's degree with easy transfer of credits.

​From their very first day of classes, RCSJ students are conditionally admitted to Rowan University with the understanding that all program prerequisite coursework and GPA requirements must be satisfied. Students pay the community-college tuition and fee rates for their freshman and sophomore years of college, saving them substantial time and money. Visit Transfer Advising to learn more. 

Partnership Perks

  • Conditional acceptance to Rowan University
  • Joint counseling and advising
  • Rowan University transfer and application fees are waived
  • RCSJ graduates fulfilling the partnership criteria begin at Rowan University as fully-matriculated juniors 

Routes to a Bachelor's Degree​

  • Traditional Transfer
    After graduating with an associate degree, students transfer seamlessly to Rowan University's main campus in Glassboro. View Undergraduate Degree Programs to​ learn more about each major's prerequisite coursework and GPA requirements.
  • Degree Completion
    Graduates have the option to complete their Rowan University bachelor's degree on the RCSJ campus with tuition discounts. Visit Bachelor's Degree Completion to learn more.
  • RN-BSN Program​
    The RN-BSN nursing partnership is currently available on the Rowan College campus (Rowan University tuition rates apply). Visit Nursing to learn more.
  • Reverse Transfer ​​
    Students who transfer to Rowan University prior to graduating from RCGC can earn an associate degree retroactively through reverse credit transfer.