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News Releases

News Releases

School Counts! Continues to Expand Opportunities for Cumberland Students

School Counts


With the sudden disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, it seemed everything in our world changed. However, Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) continued working to provide ways to ensure student accessibility and success.

One way is through the School Counts! program, a unique scholarship created specifically for Cumberland County residents. It provides two-year tuition scholarships to RCSJ-Cumberland for students who earn four consecutive School Counts! certificates from participating high schools.

School Counts! exemplifies the core values that mak​e the community strong. Administered by the Cumberland County Campus Educational Foundation, the program encourages and rewards high school students for the development of skills necessary for college success: punctuality, discipline, hard work, and motivation to achieve goals.

In order to earn a School Counts! certificate in each year of high school, a student must:

· maintain a 95% or better attendance record;

· achieve a higher-than-average GPA;

· successfully complete Algebra I; and

· be scheduled to graduate from high school on time.

Now there is an opportunity for RCSJ students to extend their School Counts! scholarship. Rowan University proudly joins with RCSJ to award School Counts! scholarships to qualifying students who are accepted to Rowan University upon graduating from RCSJ-Cumberland.

“We continue to expand the partnership between Rowan University and Rowan College of South Jersey," said James Piccone, Ed.D., Vice President, RCSJ-Cumberland Campus. "Rowan University and Rowan College of South Jersey remain committed to ensuring a high quality, affordable and accessible education to students in the South Jersey region. Through this scholarship, we will continue to reward high performing, dedicated students who seek higher education."

Students wishing to extend their School Counts! scholarship and receive funding from Rowan University, must:

· be a resident of Cumberland County;

· receive an associate degree from RCSJ-Cumberland;

· be accepted at Rowan University; and

· achieve and maintain the minimum GPA within the student's chosen major.

The funding pays as a "Last Dollar" scholarship after all applicable financial aid has been applied. Students are required to submit a FAFSA and meet all financial aid requirements.

For more information about the School Counts! program, visit:

Gloucester; Cumberland
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