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School Counts

School Counts

School Counts Students FAQ

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Q. What is School Counts!?

School Counts! is a scholarship to Rowan College of South Jersey - Cumberland Campus. The scholarship program encourages and rewards students for the development of skills necessary for college and the workforce: Punctuality, discipline, hard work, and motivation to achieve goals.

Q. Who is eligible to enroll in the School Counts! Scholarship program?

Students who are Cumberland County residents can contact their high school guidance counselor to enroll. A high school student can earn a School Counts! Certificate for each year of enrollment. Students can enroll at the start of the year through November 1st.

Q. Who is eligible for School Counts! Scholarship?

Students must be a resident of Cumberland County and obtain 4 School Counts! Certificates from participating high schools.

 Q. What are the scholarship guidelines?

Students must enroll at Rowan College of South Jersey - Cumberland Campus and maintain full-time, degree-seeking status to receive a School Counts! Scholarship. Students must successfully complete 12 credits or more each semester with a minimum grade of a “C" in each course. A reduction in credits to less than full-time will forfeit the scholarship and may result in an account balance. Students must apply for financial aid (​) annually. All applicable financial aid (Pell Grant, NJ Stars, all eligible grant scholarship monies and other funding) will be applied to each semester's tuition before the School Counts! Scholarship. Students are responsible for payment of any costs not covered by School Counts! or other financial aid.

Q. What does School Counts! actually cover?

The School Counts! is a tuition scholarship that covers the tuition cost of fifteen (15) college level credits per fall and spring semesters for two consecutive years (60 credit hour limit). It does not cover books, fees, or remedial classes.​

Q. Does the scholarship have to be used right away?​

Students may defer the School Counts! Scholarship for up to one year if Rowan College of South Jersey - Cumberland Campus is the first college to which the student is admitted and the student has notified the Admissions Office.

Q. What can parents do to promote School Counts?

Remind your child each year to apply for the School Counts! Program. Encourage your child to arrive at school every day on time. Motivate them to practice time management and good study skills to achieve good grades. Help them to stay on track to complete high school in four years. Encourage them challenge themselves by taking more than the minimum required courses.

Q. How does a student stay eligible for the School Counts! Scholarship?

​The student must achieve the following each year of high school:

  • Obtain a grade of “C" or better in every course, a C- is not acceptable.

  • Achieve a 95% attendance and punctuality record.

  • Complete high school in four consecutive years.

  • Take more than the minimum required courses and take Algebra I.

​Q. Who gives out the School Counts! Certificate?
Each year the criteria is met, your child will receive a School Counts! Certificate from his/her high school.​

School Counts!

Scholarships cover the cost of fifteen (15) credits per Fall and Spring Semesters, including fees up to $200 per academic year, for two consecutive years, 60 credit hour limit.
If eligible, School Counts! Scholarship will cover (3) credits of internship course IC 211, not including fees and books up to 40 students per academic year.​

A student must maintain a minimum of a C grade in every course from semester-to-semester to continue to participate in the School Counts! Scholarship program. The final grade on the transcript for each course must be a C or higher. A grade of C- or lower is not acceptable.

High School students who take classes at RCSJ, including Early College High School, Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit courses, must maintain a minimum of a C in every course to maintain their eligibility to participate in the School Counts! Scholarship program. The final grade on the RCSJ transcript for each course must be a C or higher. A grade of C- or lower is not acceptable.​

School Counts! Parent/Student Guide


For general information:

Guidance Director/School Counts! Liaison at your high school.​​

For questions regarding scholarship or admissions eligibility: 

Ms. Latoya Gibbons​ - 856-200-4657​

For information on the School Counts! scholarship transfer option to Rowan University:

Michael Plagianakos856-464-5230