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Special Services at Gloucester


Dear Interested Student,

Welcome!  The Department of Special Services at Rowan College of South Jersey is the designated office that determines eligibility for reasonable academic accommodations.  Our staff is here to help you succeed both academically and professionally.

The mission of the Department of Special Services is to ensure equal academic opportunities to eligible RCSJ students, and advocate a “user friendly” campus for accessibility and a “learning friendly” campus for academic success.  To complement academic studies, students are encouraged to take advantage of the college’s free tutoring services.  For more information on tutoring or to schedule a tutoring session, please call the Academic Support Center at (856) 415-2248.

The Special Services staff has an ongoing commitment and dedication to assist students who have different challenges, such as learning disabled, mobility impaired, hearing or visually impaired, or psychological disabilities.  Our students choose Rowan College because it is accessible and has a  reputation for providing services that help support eligible students.  At Rowan College, students with disabilities are able to access and participate in academic life.

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, the Department of Special Services ensures that RCSJ students with a documented disability receive reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations.  Students must provide current documentation from an appropriate professional to be considered eligible for services.

Although registering with Special Services is done on a voluntary basis, students who are eligible and qualify for academic accommodations are encouraged to register with Special Services before they begin their academic career at RCSJ.  All information received and maintained by the Department of Special Services is kept confidential, unless you give your expressed written approval to share any aspect of your documentation outside of the department.

We look forward to serving you as you pursue a college career.  Thank you for your interest in our services.  For more information on Special Services, please feel free to drop by our office located in the Instructional Center Building, Room 425A, email us at [email protected] or call us at (856) 415-2265.  Thank you!



Dennis Cook, Director

Department of Special Services, ADA Officer