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COVID-19 Update: In compliance with CDC and State guidelines, face masks are required on campus.

​View the latest updates and find out about vaccine dates for RCSJ students, staff, and faculty on the COVID-19 website.

​​The Academic Support Center has grown exponentially over the last few decades. The Center was originally called the Learning Lab, was located in a classroom, and it offered limited services. From those humble beginnings, the Center has grown,  and is now housed in a 3400 sq. ft. facility (ASC 603). The ASC even has an additional adjacent classroom (ASC 608) for workshops, study groups, and other services. The ASC has grown in every way: staff, student usage, and most important, services offered. We have no plans to stop growing and will continue to serve RCGC's students for many years to come. ​

 Here's a link to the timeline of the Academic Support Center's history.