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COVID-19 Update: In compliance with CDC and State guidelines, face masks are required on campus.

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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Meet the Staff


The Academic Support Center Team​:

  • Nick Shepherd, Director
  • Liz Offenbacker, Assistant Director
  • ​Sheri C., English/Writing and Grammar Tutor
  • Breighanna G., Chemistry and Biology Tutor
  • Cali M., Chemistry and Biology Tutor
  • CJ E., Radio, Television and Film Tutor
  • Gina T., English/Writing, Sociology, Psychology, and History Tutor
  • Hedy H., Chemistry Tutor​
  • Jamison E., Math and Physics Tutor
  • Jennifer L., Math Tutor
  • Violet T.,English/Writing, Grammar, and Psychology Tutor
  • TJ P., Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology Tutor
  • Megan F., Accounting Tutor
  • Andy T., Math and Computer Science/Programming Tutor
  • Saige S., Math Tutor
  • Wyatt J., Accounting Tutor
  • Tyler H., Math Tutor