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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Academic Recovery Program

​​​​​​​​The goal of RCSJ is for every student to have a successful academic experience. However, sometimes students struggle academically. This can happen for many reasons. If students' GPA falls below 2.0, they are placed on Academic Probation. Students on probation must work to regain academic standing (2.0 GPA or better). There are resources available to help them recover their GPA. It is the students' responsibility to meet with their advisor to discuss academic standing, learn what is needed to improve standing, and learn about the requirements of the Academic Recovery Program. 

The Academic Recovery Program is designed to provide assistance and support to help students improve academic skills, performance, and standing through a combination of Academic Coaching and workshops. Students on Academic Recovery are required to attend mandatory meetings with their advisor and an academic coach before the start of the semester. They are also required to attend workshops. The Academic Recovery Contract spells out specific details and requirements. 

Academic Coaching means one-on-one and group ​​meetings between students and academic coaches. The coaches help students develop self-awareness, goal clarification, motivation, time management, study skills, and test taking strategies. With the coaches' help, s​tudents will identify their strengths and weaknesses and create strategies to make the best of their semester. 

Academic Coaching Learning objectives: 

  • Create effective and attainable goals and develop an Academic Success Plan with specific steps
  • Develop strong time management skills
  • Develop critical thinking skills and effective study strategies
  • Participate in workshops and activities designed to help students improve motivation​
  • Develop metacognition
  • Use campus resources

To schedule an Academic Coaching session, send an appointment request to the [email protected] or call us at 856-681-6250. Please include dates and times you are available for a coaching appointment.

Questions? Please email Liz Offenbacker [email protected] or Nick Shepherd [email protected]​.