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Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education

Online Grant Funded Training Courses for Businesses

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Taking the First Steps in Business

More than ever, a workplace is a diverse collection of individuals proud of who they are: their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion, their ethnic background, and all the other components that make an individual unique. One of the challenges for workplace leaders is how to help these diverse individuals work as a team. We all know what happens to organizations that don’t have effective teamwork: they fail. And, failing to embrace diversity can also have serious legal costs for corporations. This 2- day workshop (4-hours total) will give you ways to celebrate diversity in the workplace while bringing individuals together.

Monday, 2/22 and 3/1​

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.​

NJBIA Grant-Funded No-Cost Online Training Courses for Businesses
Employees must be employed at least 20 hours a week and Employer must provide FEIN.

Benefits of Online Training

for Employees:


  • Each online course is facilitated by an expert instructor.
  • Our virtual classroom eliminates the need for a physical training space.

  • Classes are 4 hours in length, two days a week 2 hours each.
  • New courses each week.​


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