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View of RCSJ's healthcare building

About Cumberland

Foundation Board

​​​​​Foundation Board Members

  • Robert DeSanto, Esq.– Chair​
  • Christine L. Ward-Garrison, Ph.D. - Vice Chair 
  • David Hemple – Treasurer 
  • Mary Jo Williams – Secretary 
  • James Andreacci
  • Sharon Baxter​
  • Anthony Carter 
  • ​​Ginger Chase 
  • F. Mark D'Onofrio 
  • Mary Gruccio, Ed.D. 
  • Cadmus Hull, Ed.D. 
  • Lilly Kejzman 
  • Sherry Kejzman Soutiere 
  • Jill Mortensen, D.O. 
  • Robert Penza 
  • Frank Rumick 
  • Diane Sacco 
  • Alan Woodruff

 Executive Officers (Pictured left to right): Mr. David Hemple, Treasurer; Dr. Christine Ward Garrison, Vice-Chair; Mr. Robert DeSanto, Chair; and Ms. Mary Jo Williams, Secretary