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Academy for Neurodiversity

Academy For Neurodiversity



The mission of the RCSJ Academy for Neurodiversity is to serve populations encompassing all aspects of special needs beginning from the transition out of high school through adult life by means of direct service and/or multi-agency referral relationships.

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Goals of the Academy​

  • Provide the resources needed to allow individuals with special needs the ability to live full, productive, and meaningful lives
    • Establish a pipeline of resources and referrals across a network of partners outlined in the eight main components
  • Raise awareness in the community and workplace
    • Educate the public and highlight to employers the benefits of hiring individuals with special needs
  • Expand educational opportunities by emphasizing a multi-disciplinary approach to education
    • Support untapped student talent through focused training programs, academic accommodations, assistive technologies, and flexible scheduling arrangements 

The Eight Main Components​

  1. Education and Workforce Training
  2. Employment Services
  3. Medical Services
  4. Mental Health and Behavioral Services
  5. Transportation
  6. Housing and Sustenance
  7. Athletics and Recreation
  8. ​Legal Advocacy Services

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Read more about the RCSJ Academy for Neurodiversity by downloading the Academy for Neurodiversity PDF booklet.

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