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RCSJ Accounts

RCSJ Student Account Activation - Gloucester Campus

  1. Navigate to the following link: Forgot my Password

  2. Provide your RCSJ email address (i.e. – [email protected]) then complete the captcha example provided.

  3. Enter the complete phone number on the line given, you will see an example of the phone number already assigned to your account. You will be sent a code to confirm on the reset page.

  4. Enter the new password you want to use on both lines; below are the requirements. When you have entered the new password, click “Finish”.

    RCSJ password requirements

    – Minimum 12 characters
    – Cannot contain your user name or two consecutive letters of your full name
    – Cannot be one of your last five passwords
    – Three options from the following categories:
    —> one uppercase letter
    —> one lowercase letter
    —> one number
    —> one of the following special characters: 


  5. Once your password is reset, select the “click here” link to sign into your account with the new password.

  6. Now that your password has been changed, you will be prompted to log in again to all your Microsoft apps such as Office and OneDrive. If you have your mobile device set up to receive RCSJ email, you will also be prompted to enter your new password there as well.​