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Online Learning at Cumberland

Online Learning

​​​​​​Earn a Degree That Fits Your Schedule!
Online Learning (or Distance Learning) at Rowan College - Cumberland offers flexibility, convenience, and the same quality of education as on-campus courses.

Some Benefits of Online Learning
Lower Costs
While it’s true that online courses at Rowan College - Cumberland may cost the same as traditional on-campus courses, they can help students save money by reducing the transportation costs to and from campus (gas, bus fare, etc.). Printing costs may also be reduced as assignments and tests are submitted in electronic format. instead of printed out and handed in the old-fashioned way. No more turning in hard copies!

Transferrable Courses
Courses taken online are just as transferrable as traditional on-campus courses. Many four-year college students home on break take online courses at Rowan College - Cumberland that transfer to their “home” college. By choosing online courses at Rowan College - Cumberland on winter and summer break, these students can save money in tuition and complete their degrees on-time or even faster than they might have otherwise. 

Convenience & Flexibility
Since course material is online, students can choose when to work on assignments each week while still adhering to course deadlines. 

Just imagine the convenience and freedom that online courses can bring to daily life: No more sitting in traffic and competing for those coveted few parking spaces close to your classroom. No more rushing to get to class after a long day at work or missing out on those precious few hours that may be spent each day interacting with your family and friends.

How It Works
While students may be physically separated from their online instructors in time and space, they remain connected through technology. At Cumberland, students log into a Learning Management System called Blackboard (Bb) which is accessible through computer desktops, laptops, and many mobile devices. While in Blackboard, students can view, download, or print course materials, submit assignments, take scheduled exams, read and contribute to class discussions, communicate with the instructor and other students, and receive feedback, all at their convenience and from the comfort of their own homes or even their favorite coffee shop. Curious? Learn more about how Blackboard works.

Course Types
Online Courses
Online courses are designated with section numbers ONL##. Online courses generally require no on-campus class meetings. All class activities occur online.

Hybrid Courses
Hybrid courses are designated with section numbers HYB##. Hybrid courses are a blend of on-campus meetings during designated dates/times and required online “class time” through a Learning Management System. Note: The number of required on-campus class meetings varies with Hybrid courses, but the required dates/times are published when students register for class.

Register Now
To register for online or hybrid courses, you must already be a Cumberland student. For more information on becoming a Cumberland student or to find admissions' contact information, visit the Admissions page.

To search for online courses offered at Cumberland during a specific term, search for course​s in WebAdvisor as a prospective student and under location, choose online.
New Course Catalog page.​

For all other questions email [email protected].

Support Personnel
Judy Cirucci, Instructional Designer
Contact Info: [email protected], (856) 200-4528
Office: Arpino Education & Humanities Center, Perkins Open Lab
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Michael Nieckoski, Instructional Designer and Faculty Training Specialist
Contact Info: [email protected], (856) 200-​4527
Office: Arpino Education & Humanities Center, Perkins Open Lab
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday