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Testing for Credit

Testing for Credit

DSST® Test

​​​​DSST​® — Dantes Special Subject Test

This program enables students to gain college credit for accumulated knowledge and experience through examination.

Rowan College is an official test site for the DSST®​ program. Students may accumulate college credit toward a degree
by demonstrating knowledge gained independently in 36 exam areas. DSST® tests are available by appointment
at the Testing Center.

Make an Appointment
  1. Click HE​RE to schedule an appointment for the test.
  2. Choose CLEP_DSST from the pull-down menu.
  3. Choose an available date and time.
  4. Complete the form as instructed. You may use your cell or home phone number as your student ID number.
  5. Specify the subject in the Special Instructions.
  6. Click Finalize Appointment to make the appointment.
The DSST®​​ website provides additional information: (

  • $30 fee paid to the Rowan College Testing Center.
  • $85 fee paid to DSST® by personal credit card at the time of testing.
Please note: Before taking a test, find out from your institution which tests they will accept.

RCSJ Course Equivalencies
Title DSST Credits ACE Min.Score RCSJ Equivalent
A History of the Vietnam War3400**
Art of the Western World3400**
Business Ethics and Society3400BUS 241 (3 credits)
Business Mathematics3400**
Computing Information and Tech.3400CIS 102 (3 credits)
Criminal Justice3400CRJ 101 (3 credits)
Environmental Science3400**
Ethics in America3400**
Ethics in Technology3400**
Foundations of Education3400**
Fundamentals of College Algebra3400**
Fundamentals of Counseling 3400**
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity3400**
General Anthropology3400**
Health and Human Development3400**
History of the Soviet Union3400**
Human Resource Management3400**
Introduction to Business3400BUS 101 (3 credits)
Introduction to Geography3400GEO 102 (3 credits)
Introduction to Geology3400**
Introduction to Law Enforcement3400**
Introduction to World Religions 3400PHI 110 (3 credits)
Lifespan Developmental Psychology3400PSY 211 (3 credits)
Management Information Systems3400**
Math for Liberal Arts3400**
Money and Banking3400**
Organizational Behavior3400BUS 239 (3 credits)
Personal Finance3400**
Principles of Adv. English Composition3400ENG 101 (3 credits)
Principles of Finance3400**
Principles of Public Speaking3400SPE 101 (3 credits)
Principles of Statistics3400MAT 103 (3 credits)
Principles of Supervision3400**
Substance Abuse3400**
Technical Writing3400**
The Civil War and Reconstruction3400**
***** Indicates tests available from CLEP with no RCSJ equivalent course