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Visiting Students at Gloucester

Welcome Visiting Students

​​​​Students who are currently enrolled at a college or university other than RCSJ are Visiting Students.

Please speak with your Academic Advisor at your current college to find out which courses you should take at RCSJ and how they will transfer back. Visiting Students are not eligible for Financial Aid at RCSJ. ​

How to Visit with RCSJ

New Visiting Students

Become a New Visiting Student

Is this your first time registering as a Visiting Student with Rowan College South Jersey- Gloucester Main Campus?           

  1. Complete a Visiting Student Application
  2. ​Complete the Visiting Student Registration Request​ form
Returning Visiting Students

Have you visited with us before?

If you have recently completed the Visiting Student Application process (in the past three (3) semesters) you only need to complete the Visiting Student Registration Request​ Form. If you have not completed the form in the past three (3) semesters, please complete the Visiting Student Application Form.           

Q: I’ve already submitted a Visiting Student Registration Request Form. What if I want to register for additional courses in the same semester that I did not include in my original request form?

A: Visiting students must complete a new Visiting Student Registration Request Form for every additional course that they wish to register for. Students can request up to 3 courses for every 1 request form.                 

Q: Once I’ve received my confirmation email, does that mean I’m registered for the course(s)?

A: No. Students are responsible for registering themselves for the course(s) they’ve been approved for. This is done through the student portal by following the step-by-step instructions under “Registering for Courses” that are included in the confirmation email.                 

Q: What if I’m a student visiting from Rowan College of South Jersey Cumberland campus?

A: Students who are visiting from the Cumberland campus are considered in-county. Additionally, students who wish to register for courses that require proof of prerequisites still need to provide their unofficial transcript from the Cumberland campus in their Visiting Student           

Registration Request Form.
How will I communicate with my professors?

A: Professors communicate with students through their RCSJ student email accounts. Students can access their RCSJ student email account on their student portal homepage by clicking the “Email” icon under the “My Applications” section. Additionally, professors communicate to their ​students through Blackboard, which can be accessed by clicking the “eLearning” icon under the “My Applications” section.            

Q: I’ve registered for an online class, but I can’t log into the class. What do I do?

A: On the first day of class, your online course materials will be visible on Blackboard, which can be accessed by clicking the “eLearning” icon under the “My Applications” section on the student portal homepage.           

Q: How do I know which course materials are required for my course(s) and how do I access them?

A: Students can search for their textbooks and other course materials through the online bookstore​. This includes at-home lab kits that are required for online lab science courses.                



Course Prerequisites

Students will only be required to provide an unofficial transcript from their home institution to demonstrate successful completion of prerequisite courses if they wish to register for the following classes:

BIO 106, BIO 215, BIO 221, CHM 112, CHM 201, CHM 202, CIS 264, CSC 220, ENR 211, ENR 212, ENR 213, MAT 122, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 205, MAT 221, PHY 104, PHY 201, PHY 202, PHY 203, SOC 222, SOC 250, SOC 251, SOC 240, and SOC 241.
*Please be advised that all courses restricted by the acceptance of a Selective Admissions program (Nursing, Ford Asset, Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS), etc.) are not able to be requested for registration.

What's Next?

Once you complete the application and registration request form, Teneisha Soriano​, Academic Advisor will process your request within 3 business days.

So there is no delay, please complete the entire form and attach unofficial transcripts (if required).

You will receive an email with how to log in and register for courses.​


Contact us at [email protected]. ​​

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