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Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.

​​​This program offers students a framework for understanding the role of an entrepreneur in leading start-up businesses and expanding small businesses. Students will develop and hone the necessary skills to compete in today’s global business environment. This program connects students with the local business community to learn best practices from real-world experiences. Through theory and practical application, students will enhance their development of critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as adaptability and teamwork.

Students who have completed the program will be able to:

  • Prepare and present effective oral and written business presentations.
  • Evaluate key elements of a strategic plan and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Work effectively in both leadership and support roles as part of diverse teams to achieve a variety of business-related tasks.
  • Analyze existing local small businesses and prepare recommendations.
  • Demonstrate mastery of financial and managerial accounting concepts by preparing balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, and budgets by performing costs, volume, and profit analysis.
  • Discuss the philosophy of the concepts essential for business development.
  • Describe the formal structure that affects entrepreneurial practices.
  • Locate, retrieve and critically evaluate information and information sources.

​Students can download the Program Guide listed above to view a semester-by-semester breakdown of the required classes and electives for this program.

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