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Meet the Artists at RCSJ: Experience the Works of Doris Nogueira-Rodgers and Drew Scarpa

Artwork that is dispalyed in the show

Visit Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) to experience the works of two unique artists with creative visions shaped by a deep love of nature – from the lush forests of the Amazon to the sandy shoreline of South Jersey. 

On September 23 from 5–7 p.m., RCSJ will host an artist reception in the Dr. Ross Beitzel Art Gallery with featured artists Doris Nogueira-Rogers and Drew Scarpa. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and discuss incredible artwork with the artists themselves. Registration is not required and there is no cost to attend. 

The Main Gallery will feature the artistry of Nogueira-Rogers in an exhibition entitled “Doris: 50 Years of Art Making." Born and raised in Brazil, Nogueira-Rogers has made her home in Philadelphia, P.A. and Woodbury, N.J since 1978. Her creative journey has incorporated a mix of different mediums including dry pastel, inks, acrylics, and cotton fiber along with several print-making techniques. Consistent throughout her work are leaf and pod motifs reflective of tropical forests and the circle representing the restorative cycle of life. 

“My work has a constant focus on the preservation and celebration of nature," said Nogueira-Rogers. “I feel an immense attraction to its colors, shapes and textures. I use these elements as a visual language as well as a messenger." 

The Upper Mezzanine Gallery will showcase the work of Scarpa in an exhibition entitled “Places." Inspired by his birthplace and home in rural Southern New Jersey and the beauty of the East Coast, Scarpa paints in a realistic style. Each image begins with an actual location, with details softly rendered in pastel and occasionally charcoal, resulting in works the viewer can appreciate as a representation of a real place or dig deeper into the more abstract qualities of the painting. 

“I attempt to create an overall feeling of a place," explained Scarpa. “I focus on the atmosphere and lighting specific to a moment in time. By incorporating only the suggestion of detail the viewer becomes more engaged in the work, filling in what they feel is missing." 

Both exhibits run until Nov. 11 in the Dr. Ross Beitzel Art Gallery, located in the Eugene J. McCaffrey College Center on RCSJ's Gloucester campus. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, call 856-464-5214. 

Rowan College of South Jersey's Gloucester campus is located on a 250-acre campus on Tanyard Road, Deptford, just off Exit 56 of Route 55.  ​

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