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Students looking at an iPad on campus

Technical Support at Cumberland

Joining RCSJ Wireless on Androids and Chromebooks

  1. To begin, go to your Applications List and Choose Settings.
  2. In Settings, select Wireless Controls or Wireless & Networks
  3. From Wireless controls, click on Wi-Fi Settings.
  4. In the list of Available Wi-Fi Networks, choose RCSJ- Student
  5. Click on the EAP Type dropdown, and choose PEAP.
  6. For the Subtype choose PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2
  7. Under certificate drop-down to “Request certificate status"
  8. Enter the following for Domain:
  9. Enter your RCSJ Username and Password and click Connect.
  10. The Network status will show Obtaining address... then Connected. 

You are now joined to the RCSJ Wireless network!