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Transfer Students

Transfer at Cumberland

Transfer Credit Policies

​​Welcome Transfer Stud​ents
Transfer students are welcome at RCSJ-Cumberland. Students are responsible for submitting their official transcripts/documentation from other college/universities or training programs to the Enrollment Services Office for evaluation prior to registering for courses. Students must complete the following steps to transfer in external college credits:
  1. Submit an online application 
  2. Submit official transcripts from prior regionally accredited college/university or submit official documentation of training completed.
An evaluation of credits transferred will then be provided for the matriculated student. To assist with degree planning and academic advising, students should submit their transcript for evaluation in advance of their registering for courses. Only official transcripts will be evaluated.


Advanced Standing
For Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree programs, a maximum of 50 percent of credits required for the degree may be allocated from credits attained elsewhere. For Associate of Applied Science programs, the normal transfer allocation will be 50 percent of the credits required for the degree. However, a student may earn up to 75 percent of the required credits elsewhere if the student obtains written prior approval of the appropriate Division Chairperson and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Services.
Previous College Credits
Courses completed at other regionally accredited colleges may be accepted for credit for advanced standing if a grade of "C" or better has been received and if the courses are applicable to the student's degree program at RCSJ-Cumberland. Students must submit to Enrollment Services an official transcript from previous colleges attended and, if necessary, a catalog from the other college(s).

College credit is accepted and may be applied to a student's degree program from the following programs:

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) 
The college will except for credit, in advance standing, scores for the general sub-tests, which meet the American Council of Education's recommended minimum scores. The college will also accept for advance standing the CLEP Subject Examinations, when scores meet minimum acceptable levels if applicable to the student's degree program. (Guidance in regard to application of CLEP to particular subjects may be obtained from the Success Center and the Enrollment Services Office.)

Advanced Placement (AP)
RCSJ-Cumberland recognizes high school advanced placement programs. High school students who receive grades of 4 or 5 on advanced placement exams will receive appropriate college credits. Students must submit official AP scores to the Enrollment Services Office for evaluation.

Credit for Educational Experience in the Armed Services
Course work taken and/or training received in the armed services can be accepted for credit for advance standing in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education, contained in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. The credit recommendations from the Guide must be applicable to the student's degree program at RCSJ-Cumberland. Students must submit the documentation of the completed military educational experience to the Enrollment Services Office.

Police and Correctional Academies
Individuals who have successfully completed training through a recognized police or correctional academy are eligible to receive college credit for this training. Recognized academies include Atlantic County, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Sea Girt and Vineland Police Academies, and the NJ and Federal Correctional Officers Training Academies.

HealthCare Related Certifications/Licenses 
Individuals who have successfully completed a postsecondary accredited or state licensed health education program and who maintain a current license or documented certification in a healthcare profession may be eligible to receive college credit for this training. Examples of eligible licenses/certifications include dental technician, LPN, EMT, phlebotomy, medical assistant, DYFS training, and military trained health practitioners.

Technical Studies 
Students who have successfully completed apprenticeship and other formal corporate, industrial, computer science, and other formal trainings may be eligible to receive college credit for that training. Students must submit official documentation to the Enrollment Services Office. Technical studies credit will be evaluated by a faculty assessor and may be awarded in the following concentrations:

  • Business
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology
  • Construction Supervision.

International Evaluations 
Students who attended institutions of higher learning in other countries must have their transcript translated and evaluated course by course by an agency associated with National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( Contact information for some of these agencies is as follows:

Information may be obtained regarding the academic policies and procedures required for transfer credit evaluation from LaToya Gibbons in the Enrollment Services Office, 856-200-​4657 or email [email protected].