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Workforce Investment Network

Workforce Investment Network

​​​​​The Workforce Investment Network (W.I.N.) is a direct partnership between Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ) and local businesses that alleviates the concerns familiar to many HR professionals and company leaders – namely, identifying cost-effect methods of attracting fresh talent while incentivizing high-achieving employees to remain and advance within the organization. 

Increasingly, large-scale corporations, including Amazon, Macy's and Starbucks, are offering employees at all levels the opportunity to earn their degree, prompting Forbes magazine to include education benefits among their top hiring trends of 2022*. As a W.I.N. partner, you receive the resources necessary to provide this competitive perk to your current and future employees, without cutting into your bottom line.


W.I.N Partnership Benefits

  • You gain the ability to extend your employees a 25% tuition discount on any of Rowan College of South Jersey's 100+ for-credit degree and certificate programs at no cost to your organization.
  • Your job postings will be shared through a direct connection employment program with a network of well-educated, highly-qualified job seekers – RCSJ's graduates and students –  helping you to quickly fill critical positions with the right candidates.
  • Your business will be featured as a W.I.N. partner at all applicable RCSJ campus events – including employment fairs, internship events, workforce-geared seminars and more. Open job and internship postings at your company will also receive representation at these functions.
  • You will enjoy priority scheduling access and a discounted, flat-rate fee on the rental of available RCSJ campus space to host workforce trainings, conferences, networking events and more for your business. This includes smart classrooms, lecture halls, performance centers, gymnasiums, and additional conference spaces.
​Employees attach a great deal of value to education benefits. In a 2022 survey commissioned by Strategic Education, Inc., 62% of employees indicated that they would be likely to change jobs if recruited by another employer that offers better tuition benefits – even if pay and other benefits were the same. Of those workers who say their current employer offers tuition benefits, 86% report feeling happy in their current job and 76% indicate feeling valued by their employer.​
​(“Strategic Education Wo​rkforce Development Survey on Employee Sentiment During the Great Resignation," Atomik Research, March 2022)

To help you spread the word to current staff members and interested job candidates about the benefits available to them as the employee of a W.I.N. partner, your business will be provided with a Workforce Investment Network logo to display, along with marketing materials to help you communicate the available benefits with ease.

Fill out the interest form to learn more about how you can build a stronger workforce by partnering with Rowan College of South Jersey through W.I.N.

* (Forbes Magazine, Jan. 2022, “The New World of Work: 5 Trends to Watch For 2022")​

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