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Career & Technical Education at Cumberland

Advanced Manufacturing

​Spring 2024 Bootcamps

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Bootcamp 
Jan. 3, 2024- May 2, 2024 
Online & In-Person
This PLC Bootcamp is designed for individuals who are currently working in an Industrial Maintenance or Advanced Manufacturing position and wish to gain additional training in the Programmable Logic Controller field. Students will be working with Allen-Bradley 500.
Skills developed will provide experience in:
  • Developing and installing of programmable controllers
  • Planning, monitoring and troubleshooting PLC machine processes 
  • Identifying advanced programming terminology, languages, and concepts
  • Developing HMI applications
  • Identifying communication techniques and protocols
*Limited spots available for financial assistance.
​PLC Program Courses and Academic Credits
In-Person & On Line
​IT 205
​Digital Electronics
Feb. 19- May 2, 2024
​3 credits
​IT 218
Jan. 16- May 2, 2024
​3 credits
​IT 218
Jan. 3- Jan. 9, 2024
​3 credits
40 hours
1 week class

AutoCAD Bootcamp
Jan. 16, 2024 – May 2, 2024
Online & In-Person
The AutoCAD Bootcamp is composed of three courses in which the courses will provide students the fundamental principles of engineering drawing, fundamental principles of descriptive geometry, graphical mathematics, and CAD. Students will also learn the technical information and methods of blueprint construction and interpretation, sketches and prints that relates to manufacturing and fabricating processes. Finally, students will be introduced to basic measurement, precision measurement tools and dimensional gauging.
​​AutoCAD Bootcamp Courses and Academic Credits
Combination of Online and Hybrid classes
​EG 102
​Engineering Graphics
​3 credits
​IT 105
​Blueprint Reading & Sketching
​2 credits
​IT 118
​Tools & Measurements
​1 credit

Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Bootcamp
Jan. 16, 2024 - May 2,2024 
Online & In-Person
Must have AutoCAD experience. The CNC Bootcamp will provide participants entry-level skills in the CNC Machining field, while allowing them to earn credits toward a degree.
Skills developed will provide experience in:
  • Machining and turning center setup
  • Calculations of speeds and feeds for tool and material
  • Identifying basic programming of numerical controls
*Limited spots available for financial assistance.
​​CNC Bootcamp Courses and Academic Credits
Hybrid and online classes
​IT 211
​Advanced Engineering Tech Design (CAD II)
​3 credits
​IT 160
​CNC Programming
​4 credits

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For more information, please contact:
Gwen Piccioni
Career Success Coach