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Adult Center for Transition (ACT)

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Adult Center for Transition (ACT)

​The Adult Center for Transition (ACT) program students will receive education and employment preparedness, self-advocacy training, and have access to community resources. ACT students will concentrate on the enhancement of literacy, writing composition, mathematics, social sciences, financial literacy, work-place readiness, personal growth and development, computer literacy and activities of daily living. Utilizing person-centered planning, career interest inventories, resume writing and interview skills, job shadowing along with supported employment, students will be better able to define their career goals. Socialization and life skills opportunities will be accessed through RCSJ clubs and activities including Unified Sports/Special Olympics.​

Fundamentals of College (Gloucester Campus):

Students in the Fundamentals of College program will receive the necessary education and skills required to transfer into college credit classes or move into a career focused industry standard certification course. They will have the opportunity to develop a career pathway, which includes workplace experience, preparation for accessing college resources, 1 RCSJ college credit course, and one 3-credit college course subsidized by RCSJ. Students will be better prepared for today's competitive workplace.

Workforce Readiness/Pre-Vocational (Gloucester & Cumberland Campuses):
The Workforce Readiness program is designed to enhance each student's workplace soft skills, employability and interpersonal skills. These enhancements all lead to a student's greater independence within the community. Students will focus on developing a career pathway and a career portfolio, which includes having a workplace experience, and the possibility of a credential/certificate course that matches their career goal, along with a 1 credit RCSJ course. Students in this transitional program will receive the education, training, and skills necessary to become employable in today's competitive workplace.

Employment First(Gloucester & Cumberland Campuses):
All ACT students whether they are in Fundamentals of College or Workforce Readiness will participate in the Employment First program. This program which utilizes person-centered planning consists of an intake and career assessment, on and off-campus job sampling, resume writing, interview practice, and career development all with the assistance of a job coach. The students in their final year will participate in ACT's capstone project the Reverse Job Fair. Students will leave the program prepared for the competitive workplace.

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