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View of RCSJ's healthcare building

The Center for Wellness and Support (CWS)

About Us & Staff


The Center for Wellness & Support empowers the campus community to navigate resources on- and off-campus to holistically support their basic needs and mental wellness.


All members of the RCSJ community have the support and resources necessary to achieve academic success without material hardship and while maintaining their mental health.


The Department of Behavioral Services prioritizes the prevention and care of challenges through education, intervention, collaboration, and support. Our values include:

  • The uniqueness of all students
  • An inclusive, affirming, and nurturing environment
  • Equitable care and support for all identities
  • Trauma-informed care


Cumberland Campus

Location: University Center
Phone: 856-200-4690 

Ruby Aparicio-Pagan, LSW
Director, Behavioral Services

​Gloucester Campus

Location: College Center, room 210
Phone: 856-464-5236

Diane Mussoline, DSocSci, LMFT
Executive Director, Behavioral Services

Kristen Wilson, DSocSci, ​MS, CTSS​​
Director, Behavioral Services

Sierra Johnson​
Case Manager, Behavioral Services​

Gloucester; Cumberland