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A Message from Provost Rickards on Grades
As students restart courses online on 3/30, Provost Rickards offers information for students on grading. Most Student Services continue to be available remotely. All College campuses will be closed until further notice.
People in Transition

People in Transition

About Us


To assist displaced homemakers to become emotionally and economically self-sufficient through life-skills training, education or vocational training, advocacy and supportive services.

To provide services to displaced homemakers who are experiencing the three greatest stressors in life — divorce, death of a spouse and loss of employment/unemployment — to help them reach a new beginning of self-worth and self-sufficiency.

Rowan College South Jersey began to host the Center for People in Transition (PIT) in 1981 to assist women returning to school. Since that time the Center has expanded its mission and has become a semi-independent social service agency dedicated to assisting displaced homemakers in becoming self-sufficient.

  • Peggy Van Natta Schoen, Chair
  • Steve Awalt​
  • Patricia Fletcher
  • Gina Foster
  • ​Robbenmarie Insogno​
  • Lauri Kuder
  • Jeanne M. LaBuz
  • Cheryl McBride
  • Susan Nevins
  • Gina Ridge
  • Barbara Turner​​​

The Center for People in Transition is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Division on Women and supplemented by United Way of Gloucester County.