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Student Help Center: Cumberland Campus


Below are several common categories for which students request help.

Contact eLearning Support​
Students having issues with an eLearning course should complete the Cumberland Technical Support Form, linked above.

Technical Support may also be requested by phone by calling Judy Cirucci at 856.691.8600 x1380 or 856.200.4528 or Brandon Pugh at x1379. Support requests via email may be directed to

Student Orientation Information: Cumberland
Students will discover tips for succeeding in their Cumberland eLearning course(s) by taking the Distance Learning Orientation, a multi-paged lesson which some professors may require of students taking their first online or hybrid course. 

Students who whish to become familiar with Cumberland's eLearning platform should complete the Cumberland Demo Course, a self-paced course that is highly recommended for students new to eLearning. Students will need to be logged in to the system in order to access this course.

Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Review the Student FAQ sheet linked above to find answers to common eLearning questions.

eLearning Known Issues

Click the link above to browse our eLearning system's Knowledge Base.