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Financial Aid at Gloucester

Financial Aid at Gloucester

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens with a Gloucester County Department of Aging Golden Certificate Pass* are eligible for reduced tuition rates for credit courses as long as they meet the College's entrance requirements; space is available in course sections; and there is no additional cost to the College as a result of the reduced rate. The College's Board of Trustees determines reduced tuition rates periodically for the program.

Senior citizens are not required to pay the College application fee; however, all other applicable fees and costs must be paid. Seniors ​are entitled to the same benefits that all students receive, including library privileges, participation in campus events and activities, guidance and counseling services.

Students using this form of financial aid must contact the Business Office at 856-468-5000, ext. 2226 for more information.

*To obtain a Golden Age Pass, senior citizens may call the Gloucester County Department of Senior Services at 856-384-6900.​​