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Financial Aid at Gloucester

Satisfactory Academic Appeal

Both the U.S. Department of Education (federal) and Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (state) require students to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) as an eligibility requirement. SAP applies to all federal/state financial aid programs, including grants and loans.​

Eligibility requirements are contingent on students meeting the minimum Qualitative (GPA) and Quantitative (pace) standards within a Maximum Timeframe (150%). This means students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete a minimum of 67 percent of all credits they attempt to make academic progress. Note your entire transcript history, from your very first semester at RCSJ, is considered in the SAP calculation.

Students who fail to meet these standards may appeal to reinstate their aid eligibility. You can read more about Rowan College​'s SAP guidelines on the Policies & Procedures webpage.

Academic Amnesty Disclaimer: Students who apply for, and are granted, academic amnesty by the Office of Student Development will not be granted the same amnesty by the Office of Financial Aid. The reason for this is, the Office of Financial Aid must follow the SAP standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Education. The academic amnesty policy established by the Office of Student Development is an internal policy of the College.​

Appeal Requirements

Comprehensive instructions are included on the SAP appeal cover letter. This form can be obtained in person at the Office of Financial Aid. All paperwork must be submitted to Financial Aid at one time as a single organized file.

  1. Verification documents, if selected

  2. SAP appeal cover letter

  3. Detailed, written statement outlining the reasons for the appeal. Verbal appeals will not be accepted. This should include an explanation of how the student plans to promote his/her academic success going forward.

  4. Relevant documentation that supports the reasons for the appeal (i.e. doctor's note, hospital discharge papers, work schedules, court orders, letter from third party source, etc.).

How it Works

  1. Students must complete the FAFSA and verification process, if selected, before submitting an appeal. ​​​​​

  2. Student file will first be verified according to FSA guidelines.

  3. Appeal will be reviewed by a committee.

  4. Approval or denial letter will be mailed to student's home address.

  5. If approved the student must:

    • Obtain the SAP Plan form from the Office of Financial Aid.
    • Meet with Audreen Pittman​, academic advisor, to complete the SAP Plan form.
    • Register for classes outlined on the SAP Plan.
    • Submit completed SAP Plan form to Office of Financial Aid for final approval.
    • Successfully pass all classes on the plan and earn a 2.0 GPA. The student cannot earn any negative grade statuses (F, X, NP, W, NA, I) during the term in which he/she is on a SAP Plan.
  6. If denied the student must find an alternative means of paying the term bill, should he/she decide to enroll at Rowan College.

Monitoring Academic Progress

The Office of Financial Aid checks SAP once a year, at the conclusion of the spring semester. However, students who successfully appeal are placed on academic probation until they begin making SAP on their own. Their academic progress will be assessed each semester after the final grades have been posted according to the SAP Plan. ​​

Denied Appeals

Students whose SAP appeals are denied will need to use an alternative method of payment for the semester because they are ineligible to receive federal and state aid. Potential options may include the Rowan College Payment Plan  ​and any personal loans that are used for educational purpose.

Note: This is not a complete list; it's meant to provide examples of alternative financing. Students who plan on borrowing a loan from a private financial institution are strongly encouraged to first research the interest rates and repayment requirements.​