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Personnel Directory at Gloucester

Personnel Directory at Gloucester

Personnel Directory at Gloucester

​​Main Number
Rowan College South Jersey's Gloucester Campus phone number is: 856-468-5000.

Please note: 
  • Extension numbers with the 2100 and 2200 series can be reached directly by dialing 856-415-XXXX.
  • Extension numbers with the 6200 to 6299 series can be reached directly by dialing 856-681-XXXX
  • All extensions can be reached by dialing the main line, 856-468-5000, and the extension number. All extension numbers within the 5500, 6300 and 6700 series can be reached only by dialing the main number and the extension.

Name Department Phone Contact
Denise Gerace Student Services 2179
Maurice Thomas Financial Aid
Bernard Castro Instructional Technology
Frederick Keating President's Office
Margaret Resue President's Office 2101
Sandra Evans President's Office 2109
Guy Davidson VP Academic Services Office
Beth Beecroft eLearning & CTL 5217
Ann Belletieri eLearning & CTL 2298
Brooke Hoffman eLearning & CTL 5215
David Comfort Enterprise Information Systems 2246
Carlos Jimenez Enterprise Information Systems 5661
Carlos Lugo Enterprise Information Systems 6230
Jeffrey Frye Enterprise Information Systems 6265
Michael Gotthold Enterprise Information Systems 2288
Cory Monteleone-Haught Enterprise Information Systems
Robert Lore Enterprise Information Systems 6238
Nayibe Lopez Enterprise Information Systems 5657
Allen Vanneman Enterprise Information Systems 5659
Eileen Doyle Nursing & Health Professions
Monica DiMauro Nursing & Health Professions
Jennifer Yager Office of Public Relations and Mktg 5658
Kylene Arcaini Student Records
Nicholas Shepherd Academic Support Center
Gail Fitchett Milone Student Records
Brianna Berrios Advisement 2104
Judith MacKenzie Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Christina Nase STEM 2279
Danielle Morganti Business Studies 2293
Daniel McCormick Instructional Technology 2241
David Coates Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2261
Dianne Carbonetta Office of Public Relations and Mktg 5655
Lois Lawson-Briddell Counseling & Wellness Center 2243
Kristen Whyte Retention Services 5651
Stephen Sweeney Retention Services 6269
Genevieve Bunis Retention Services 5209
Randee Davidson Retention Services 6202
Nyambura Phillips Admissions Services
Kimberly Pandolph Testing Services 2268
Scott Alscher Facilities 6370
Amy Ware Nursing
Willis Wareham Athletics
Justin Weaver Technical Support 6256
Joyce Webster Nursing
Janice Weil Facilities 6370
Carol Weinhardt Student Special Services 2247
Susan Weiss Office of Public Relations and Mktg 2211
Rachel White Advisement
Mark Whyte Fire Academy
Daris Wigglesworth Fire Academy
Ronald Wilcox Facilities
Richard Wilkins Security
Ollievita Williams Workforce Development
Terrance Williams Technical Support
Tiffanie Williams EOF
Jennifer Wilson ACT Center 6425
Kahlyll Wilson Financial Aid
Kristen Wilson Rowan University Center 6625
Thomas Wiltsey Fire Academy
Charles Winkler Fire Academy
Jacqueline Wyatt Facilities 6370
Matthew Wyatt Facilities 6370
Patricia Wynn Human Resources
Margaret Yahrling Bursar
Nathan Young Facilities
Danielle Zimecki-Fennimore Curriculum & Instruction
Gilbert Zonge Fire Academy
Jannah Zubaidi Rowan University Center
Fred Swartz Athletics
Barbara Taylor Nursing & Health Professions 2192
James Thatcher Student Records 6288
Jacquelyn Thomasson Advisement
David Thompson Facilities 6370
Dorothy Thompson Facilities 6370
Kimberly Thow Nursing
Thewantha Torain Workforce Development
Jose Torres Business Studies 2145
Diane Trace Business Studies
Joseph Tull Fire Academy
Holly Turk Advisement 6292
Barbara Turner Business Studies 2297
Genevieve Turner Nursing & Health Professions 2181
Marguerite Vacchiano Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Robert Valli Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2213
Samantha VanKooy Student Affairs 2276
Lisa Vasapollo Enrollment Services 6272
Janet Vena Bursar 6605
Casey Verling Financial Aid
Lauren Vilimas Human Resources
Andrea Vinci Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 6734
David Vogel Facilities 6370
Samantha Wagner Advisement
Wendy Wagner Institutional Research
Edwin Walter Instructional Technology
Marguerite Silva Workforce Development
Jeffrey Silvestri Business Studies 468-1445 Ext. 2210
Maninder Singh Financial Aid
Ashley Sitarski Rowan University Center 5232
Irena Skot Business Studies 6279
Kellie Slade Student Affairs
Athena Slaton Information Center
James Sloan Business Studies 2153
Matthew Smick Athletics
Alice Smith ACT Center
Jennifer Smith Fire Academy
Pendred Smith Workforce Development
Stephen Smith Facilities
Roxanne Somers Admissions 6211
Teneisha Soriano Facilities 6370
Ellise Spaulding Athletics 6442
Joseph Spencer Workforce Development
Andrea Stanton Office of Public Relations and Mktg 2229
Leonard Steen Fire Academy
Michele Strauss Nursing
Carole Subotich STEM 2163
Nasra Sultana STEM 6769
Lee Sumek Fire Academy
Alycia Robertson Enrollment Services 5228
Ronald Rogers Security 6287
Laurie Rohrman Nursing & Health Professions 2191
Christopher Rollins Athletics
Gina Rongione-D'Argenio Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Robert Rossi STEM 2267
Anna Roth STEM 2174
Holly Rothfuss Advisement
Kenneth Rothfuss Testing Services
Susan Rothfuss Law & Justice 2266
Brian Rowan Athletics 2263
Paul Rufino Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2173
Domenick Russo Facilities
Shawn Rutter Advisement 2204
Megan Ruttler College & Career Readiness 2232
Christopher Ryan Fire Academy
John Ryder Student Affairs
Donna Salvia Bursar
Brigette Satchell Workforce Development 6226
Marcela Savelski Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Kathie Scaffidi Testing Services 2262
Michael Scappa Facilities 6370
Wendy Scarpinato Facilities
Joseph Schmidt Fire Academy
Denise Schmidt-Simon Fire Academy 423-4127 ext.10
Timothy Schmitz Nursing & Health Professions 2214
Leanne Schoening Athletics 2207
Ana Maria Schultz Financial Services
Robert Scott Athletics
Linda Scully STEM
Donna Sentell Police Academy 6491
James Sentell Police Academy 2244
Paula Settar Senior Corps / RSVP
Nora Sheridan Financial Services
Glenn Shockley Workforce Development
Steven Sidoti Information Center
Ernestine Paul Workforce Development
Natalka Pavlovsky Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2130
Michael Pawela STEM 2151
Gina Perry Facilities
Valeria Petrany STEM 6231/6730
Danielle Phillips Athletics
Janay Phillips Financial Aid
James Piccone President's Office
Josh Piddington Instructional Technology 2270
John Pidgeon Institutional Research 2260
Karelle Pierre-Jacques Library
Rebecca Pierson Athletics
Audreen Pittman Advisement 2278
Michael Plagianakos Rowan University Center 5230
Michael Polidoro Security
Michelle Poloney Library
Sherri Pratt Bursar 2273
Karen Quigley Workforce Development 5202
Jacqueline Quintavalle- Lloyd Facilities
Deborah Rabottino Workforce Development 5502
Candice Racite Business Studies 2168
Patricia Raggio Workforce Development
Sheryl Ratcliffe Advisement 6251
Kristian Reed Enrollment Services
Alexander Reeves Athletics
Sandra Reid Nursing
George Rey Advisement 2221
Brenden Rickards VP Academic Services Office 2106
Deborah Riether Library
Dorothea Righter Library
Alexis Rivell Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Graig Rivell Facilities
Kenneth Rivell Facilities
Jacqueline Rizzo Student Special Services
Paul Roach Financial Aid 2212
Van Robbins Security
Anthony Marchetta Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Zbigniew Marczuk Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Nicole Marra Nursing
Charles McCall Security
Diane McClintock Library
Thomas McCormack Business Studies 2144
William McGorry Facilities
Timothy Mitcham Facilities 6370
Miriam Mlynarski Library
Teresa Nate Advisement 6473
Peter Mosteller Law & Justice
Stephanie Mostovlyan Library
Ian-Michael Muenzenberger Fire Academy
AnneMarie Murphy Athletics
Wayne Murschell Athletics
Diane Mussoline Rowan University Center
Edward Myers College Services
Susan Nardelli Office of Public Relations and Mktg
Michael Nelson Fire Academy
Michael Nieckoski Instructional Technology
Vincent Niederman Athletics
Crystal Noboa People in Transition
Nancy Nolan Workforce Development
Rosemary O'Dea Nursing & Health Professions
Christine Ogin Business Studies 6708
Gus Ostrum Athletics
Angelica Pachini Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2137
Brian Palangi Athletics
Dorice Palumbo Workforce Development
Charmian Papandrew Workforce Development
Stephanie Paranto Workforce Development
Joan Pardo EOF 6237
Ryan Hughes Athletics 6336
Debra Ihunnah Workforce Development
Timothy Jaep Facilities
Eric Jenkins Facilities
Robert Jillard Athletics
Tanya Johnson Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2296
Eric Jones STEM
Ronald Judge Rowan University Center
Valery Jules Financial Services
Oron Nahom STEM 2177
Patricia Mostovlyan Financial Services 2225
Anthony Keller Security
Daniel Kinsella Security
Sheryl Klein Admissions 6246
Karin Krause Foundation
Raymond McCann Facilities 6370
Emily Kubat Nursing & Health Professions
Michael Lemon ACT Center
Esther Lenhart Financial Aid
William Leonard Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2119
Shih-Hui Liou Nursing
Lindsay Little ACT Center
William Logan Athletics
Martha Loglisci Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Thomas Lubonski Facilities
Joshua MacFerren Facilities
Frederick Madden Law & Justice
Emily Maddox Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Linda Maher STEM
Marsha Hahn Library
Lori Joyce Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2121
Anthony Hairston Business Studies
Lorna LaMaestra Admissions 6634
Susan Hall Nursing & Health Professions 2185
Jessica Hamilton Library
Lucy McClain Law & Justice 2150
Lynn McCosker Payroll 2227
Robert Hanke Security 6287
Richard Harris Fire Academy
Calvin Harrje Fire Academy
Stephen Hart Athletics
Gary Hartley Security
Sarah Hastings Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2125
Maria Kunkle Admissions 6474
Kelly Hayden Library
Sharon Heake ACT Center
Kimberly Henderson STEM
Mary Malinconico Business Studies 2291
Kelly Hernandez Athletics
Mary Mishler Nursing & Health Professions 2184
Christine Herz Library
Clayton Hill Facilities
Robert Hill Fire Academy 423-4127-ext.11
Patricia Hirsekorn Library 2251
Megan Mook Nursing & Health Professions 2187
Sandra Hoffman Enrollment Services 2220
Sarah Houltze Business Studies
Ryan Hoxworth Advisement
Barbara Hudson Library
Michael Keith Nursing & Health Professions 2195
Chelsey Fitton Enrollment Services
Carlton Folks Workforce Development
Joseph Getsinger Security 6209
Lisa Ford Nursing & Health Professions 2180​
Stephanie Fordyce Financial Aid 2219
Michael Fox Technical Support 2285
Victorine Franks-Hogan Rowan University Center
Robert Fredrick Athletics
Amanda Gahm Student Life
Victoria Gall Office of Public Relations and Mktg
Marilyn Gardenhire Nursing & Health Professions
Kathy McKenna Student Affairs 6271
Randall Gartner Fire Academy
Kevin Kitchenman Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 6423
Terri Germano Veteran Affairs 5239
Edward Germscheid Fire Academy
Mark Getsinger College Services 6287
Kyle Lodge Athletics 6348
Michael Getsinger Facilities 6370
Walter Gholson Advisement 2215
Stephanie Gies Workforce Development
Laura MacAulay Nursing & Health Professions 2196
Susan Glenn STEM 2164
Shanice Glover College & Career Readiness 6481
Phillip Golden College & Career Readiness 6475
Stephanie Gomes Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2118
Kimberly Gonzalez Workforce Development
Maud Goodnight VP Academic Services Office
Maria Grady Athletics
Paul Grasso Facilities 2231
Louis Gross Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2132
Rose Gruber Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2134
Rachael Hacker Student Life 2236
Margaret DiPatri Rowan University Center 2269
Davon Dickson Business Studies
Marc Dickson Athletics
Kurt Dillon Fire Academy
Jaylynn Dixon Records Office 6471
Irene Donnelly Library
Sean Dougherty Security
Margaret Dower Rowan University Center
Nicole Duncan Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Eric Dunn Fire Academy
Karen Durkin Institutional Research 2284
Courtney Eckstadt Advisement
Marilyn Egnor Fire Academy
Jennifer Gates Human Resources 2271
Francis Ellis Fire Academy
Jennifer Hoxworth STEM 2160
Kathleen Ellis-Foultz Financial Aid 6364
Harry Elton VP Operations Office
Rachel Emig-Tait Advisement
Bryan Eveland Fire Academy
Jessica Jolly Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2124
Maryann Everline Facilities
Joan Kuhar Office of Diversity and Equity 2111
Kathleen Falzone Open Labs
John Fresne Police Academy 6389
Patricia Fazio Library
John Moore College Services 6244
Joyce Feder ACT Center
Dawn Ferris-Murray Library
Joanne Fischl Nursing & Health Professions
Catherine Fisher Workforce Development
Eoin Kinnarney Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2122
Mildred Costa Senior Corps / RSVP
Erika Gardner Culture & Heritage Commission 464 - 5214
LaVonne Couch Nursing & Health Professions 2190​
Jane Crocker Library 2250
Anya Cronin Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Elianne Crossland Nursing & Health Professions
Ferne DeSimone Senior Corps / RSVP 6439
Nina Crowder Enrollment Services
Jennie Cusick Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Joseph D'Argenio Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 6222
Gary Kuehnapfel Open Labs 6431
Richard Dale Security 6287
Gayle Hughes STEM 2166
Melissa Dark Business Studies 2152
Daniel Darnall Fire Academy
George Gaines Facilities 6370
George Hobbins Athletics 2257
Joel Davidson Instructional Technology 6253
Geraldine Martin Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2189
Robert Dazlich Open Labs 6431
Jessica DeGraff STEM 2167
Gina Forte Payroll 2224
Stephen DePasquale Athletics
Gina Galosi Nursing & Health Professions 2194
Allison DeRusso Financial Services
Glenn Groves Advisement 6411
Elaine Dean VP Academic Services Office
Ronald DelPiano Facilities 6370
Laurel Delmar Nursing & Health Professions
Marion Destralo-Caporusso Nursing & Health Professions 2193
James Caristo Facilities
Linda Carr Facilities 6370
Felicia Carroll Workforce Development 2216
Jeanne Castagnoli Nursing & Health Professions
Dennis Cook Student Special Services 2281
Jason Caulley Facilities 6370
Donna Cavallaro Testing Services 2268
Diana DeVault Instructional Technology 2286
Terri Chalmers Testing Services
Michael Chando Financial Aid 2282
Diane Gilson STEM 6738
Amy Charlesworth People in Transition
Diane Hare Student Life 6343
Maryanne Charlton Testing Services
Gregory Chew Athletics
Julie Chini Athletics
Leo Chow Business Studies 2148
Judith Cirucci Instructional Technology
Patricia Claghorn Business Studies 5504
Lemuel Clark STEM
Donna Hamlet Nursing & Health Professions 6424​
James Clarke Athletics
Kay Cole Testing Services
Edward Gillies Facilities 6370
William Collins Athletics
Edward LaBelle STEM 2169
Deirdre Conroy Nursing
Richard Cooper Athletics ​2207
Chara Doyle Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2126
Cheryl Lewis Financial Services 2223
Joseph Buono Fire Academy
Robert Burkhardt Fire Academy
Wayne Burkholtz Nursing & Health Professions
Jeffrey Burns Advisement
Christian Davidson Rowan University Center 5235
Dominick Burzichelli VP Operations Office 2292
Christina Kulisek Admissions 6273
Erin Buthusiem STEM 6768
Gregory Buthusiem STEM 2175
Jacqueline Butler Student Records 6293
Christy Clifford Admissions 6472
Denise Buttari Nursing & Health Professions 2188
Cody Miller Foundation 681-6242
Taylor Bynoe Athletics
Gayle Byrd Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
Coryndi McFadden Human Resources 2113
Gwendolyn Byrd Workforce Development
Daniel Kane Financial Aid 6629
Perpetue Cadet Curriculum & Instruction 6239
Stacey Callaway Business Studies 2143
Rebecca Campina College & Career Readiness 6476
Tom Capaccio Security
Michelle Capanas Bursar 2237
Jean Capizzi Workforce Development 6227
Raphael Caraballo Security
Carol Berk Curriculum & Instruction 2104
Birdena Brookins Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2120
Brenda Hepner College Services 6358/6845
Kathleen Bially Library
Laura Black Financial Services 6615
Brent Corbin College Services 6357
Edward Blaetz Business Studies
Bradley Blubaugh VP Operations Office
Anna Blushtein Workforce Development
Evon Bobo Workforce Development
Sherry Bohl College Services 6358
Brittany Kouroupos College & Career Readiness 6295
Tiffany Bonsall
Matthew Borginis Office of Public Relations and Mktg
Bryan Buttler Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2117
Jeremy Boyd Nursing & Health Professions
Bryan Lester Facilities 6370
Megan Boyd Library
Erin Brabazon Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 6217
Carlos Burke STEM 2161
Elizabeth Brady Financial Aid 6630
Laurie Brady Security
Suzanne Brennan Senior Corps / RSVP
Michelle Briles STEM 2142
Terry Briody Facilities 6370
Carol Meglio-Lentz Academic Support Center 2248
YaVanca Brooks EOF 6737
Deborah Brooks-Flaherty Nursing & Health Professions
Judith Broomall Information Center
Carolyn Mosley Nursing & Health Professions 6215
Richard Broughton Fire Academy
Carthornia Kouroupos Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 6767
Mark Brucker Facilities
Leyna Ambrose Athletics
Jonathan Ammaturo Facilities
Almarie Jones Office of Diversity and Equity 2154
Annette Amoroso VP Academic Services Office
Alvin Gay Student Records 2245
Kevin Anderson Office of Public Relations and Mktg
Loretta Anthony VP of Student Services Office 2103
Amanda Fach Library 2239
Daniel Antonelli Athletics
Kennedy Aora Open Labs
Joseph Arcaini Facilities 6370
Theresa Asuncion Nursing & Health Professions
Andrea Fau College & Career Readiness 5218
Kevin Athey ACT Center 6482
Carol Atkinson Library 2259
Holly Atkinson Admissions
Judith Atkinson VP of Student Services Office 2115​
Anna Kehnast Library 2254
John Austin Fire Academy
Steven Awalt Financial Services
Paul Babcock Security 6233
Anthony Loglisci Financial Aid 2105
Sylvia Baer Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities
James Ballinger Facilities
Stella Barber Nursing & Health Professions 5206
Jacqueline Barnett Nursing & Health Professions
William Bates Fire Academy
Barun Dandapat STEM 2159
Lisa Bellotti ACT Center
Mary Benedetti College & Career Readiness 2205
Betty Magjuka Education, Behavioral Sciences, & Humanities 2129
Fang-Chi Benson STEM
Beverly Coates Student Special Services 2265
Yassin Ali Instructional Technology
Ali Navvab STEM 2172
Emily Allen STEM 2162
Nathaniel Alridge Office of Diversity and Equity
Allen Magid Workforce Development 5503
Alescia Kennon Rowan University Center 6264
Albert Adomanis Fire Academy
Eileen Adezio People in Transition 2222
Peter Achenbach Information Center
Sarah Accumanno Enrollment Services
Amran Abdullahi Information Center 6624