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Scholarships at Cumberland

Scholarships at Cumberland

Hispanic Advisory Board at Cumberland

The Hispanic Advisory Board advises the college of relevant issues and serves as a bridge for partnerships and collaborations with the Hispanic community of Cumberland County.

Hispanic Advisory Board Members:

Yolanda Balicki, Esq.
Jasmine Demby
Cruz Gomez
Carlos Mercado
Addriana Montalvo-Andujar
Harry Paraison
Shirley Santos​

Cumberland Campus:

Helen Cardoso
Veronica Chainey
Maud Fried-Goodnight
Gabriel Garcia
April Gomez
Reta Rios
Iris Torres​

Rowan College - Cumberland Hispanic Advisory Board Scholarship

Criteria for Award:  Current Rowan College of South Jersey - Cumberland Campus student(s) attending Cumberland County College with 12 credits completed and a minimum GPA of 2.75. Applicants must be seeking to complete a degree within 3 years of their semester start date & must submit a completed academic success plan signed by an advisor. Applicants must have financial need but not qualify for financial aid. Applicants must not have any prior debt owed to the college. Please share about yourself (3-5 short paragraphs):  1)  What three adjectives best describe you and why?  2) What do you value most and why?  3) Explain what motivates you, and why? Share your motto or favorite quote?