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Safety & Security at Gloucester

Safety & Security at Gloucester

Clery Crime Log

The Department of Safety and Security encourages students, faculty and staff to stay informed about the various types of criminal incidents that occur on campus. This section provides detailed information about the collection of crime statistics and the requisite crime reporting mechanisms established by both federal and state law.

All institutions of higher education must report crim​e statistics via “Clery Crime Statistics" or “Clery Reporting,” as required by the Clery Act. This federal law mandates the disclosure of certain statistics regarding criminal incidents that occur within the geographic boundaries of the College campus.

The state of New Jersey also mandates similar requirements under the state law.

Clery Crime Log for Rowan College - Gloucester campus​

Annual Rowan College- Gloucester Security Reports

​A hard copy may be requested from the Office of Safety and Security at (856) 681-6287​​

​Last Updated: August 20, 2020