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Testing for Credit

Testing for Credit

CLEP® Test

​​​CLEP® — College Level Entrance​ Program 
A program enabling students to gain college credit for accumulated knowledge and experience through examination.

Rowan College is an official test site for the CLEP® program. Students may accumulate college credit toward a degree by demonstrating knowledge gained independently in 34 exam areas. CLEP® tests are available by appointment at the Testing Center.​


Make an Appointment
  1. Choose the CLEP_DSST from the pull-down menu.​
  2. Choose an available date and time.
  3. Complete the form as instructed. You may use your cell or home phone number as your student ID number.
  4. Specify the subject in the Special Instructions.
  5. Click Finalize Appointment to make the appointment.
The CLEP® website provides additional information: (

The following is a list of the available CLEP® tests.

Please note:
  • If you are taking a test for Rowan College, the list of courses each test fulfills is listed to the right of the test name.
  • If you are taking a test for another college, find out from the institution what tests they will accept.


Financial Accounting
See below*​
Information Systems and Computer Applications
CIS 102

Introductory Business Law
BUS 107
Principles of Management50
BUS 231

Principles of Marketing50
BUS 221
Composition and Literature

American Literature50
ENG 222,230
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50
ENG 225,230

College Composition50
ENG 101,102
College Composition Modular50
ENG 101
English Literature50
See below*
See below*
Foreign Languages
French Language, Level 1   = to first two semesters50

FRE 101,102
French Language, Level 2   = to first four semesters59
See below*
German Language, Level 1  = to first two semesters50

GER 101,102
German Language, Level 2  = to first four semesters60
See below*
Spanish Language, Level 1  = to first two semesters50
SPA 101, 102
Spanish Language, Level 2  = to first four semesters63
See below*
History and Social Sciences
American Government50
POL 101
History of the United States I : Early Colonization to 187750
HIS 103
History of the United States II : 1865 to the Present50
HIS 104
Human Growth and Development50
PSY 211
Introduction to Educational Psychology50
PSY 203
Introductory Psychology50
PSY 101
Introductory Sociology50
SOC 101
Principles of Macroeconomics50
ECO 101
Principles of Microeconomics50
ECO 102
Social Sciences and History50
See below*
Western Civilization I : Ancient Near East to 164850
HIS 101
Western Civilization II : 1648 to the Present50
HIS 102
Science and Mathematics
See below*
See below*
See below*
College Algebra50
See below*
College Mathematics50
MAT 101,102
See below*
Natural Sciences
See below*

*Indicates tests available from CLEP with no RCSJ equivalent course​​