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COVID-19 Update: In compliance with CDC and State guidelines, face masks are required on campus.

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Military Services at Gloucester

Military Services at Gloucester

Military Services

​Rowan College of South Jersey welcomes veterans returning home from service. It is an honor to provide assistance to veterans who are embarking on the journey through higher education. Faculty and staff encourage veteran students to take advantage of a variety of programs, services and resources at Rowan College that support success. The information on these pages will help them make the transition from soldiers to students.

The veteran certifying official is located in the Student Services Building. Please contact us for more information.

Rowan College is very proud to support our military service personnel and dependents.​

Gloucester County Veterans
​Scholarship Program ​​​

Rowan College South Jersey and the Rowan College of South Jersey's Gloucester Campus Foundation County have partnered to establish the Gloucester County Veteran Scholarship Program (GCVSP), an initiative created to honor and support our veterans by providing a quality
education at an affordable cost.

Learn about the Gloucester County Veterans Scholarship Program


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