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​​​​​​Who is Eligible for 3+1?

Students who graduate with an RCSJ associate degree in one of the eligible programs of study may be eligible for the 3+1 Program. Credits earned (from RCSJ and/or outside institutions) can affect eligibility. Only RCSJ graduates are eligible to register for the 3+1 courses (junior year). ​ To determine eligibility, RCSJ students who are ready to graduate must apply online.

​​​​​​What are the Eligible Programs of Study?

Eligible majors can be found on the 3+1 website. Please note, that not all majors are offered on both campuses.              

​​​​​​​How do I enroll in the 3+1 Program?

RCSJ students who are ready to graduate can enroll in the 3+1 Program. The Steps for Enrollment can be found on the 3+1 website. If eligible, students are notified via student email of their eligibility status and instructed to schedule an appointment for 3+1 enrollment and advisement.

Freshmen or students not yet ready to graduate should continue to meet with their RCSJ advisor. The semester students are ready to graduate is when students can apply and enroll.             

Students must earn their associate degree from RCSJ. Graduates from other colleges are currently ineligible to enroll in the 3+1 Program.             

​​​​​​How do I apply to the 3+1 Program?

Students who are ready to graduate can submit the 3+1 Enrollment Application on the 3+1 website. Fall/Winter graduates can complete the 3+1 Enrollment Application starting in October. Spring/Summer graduates can complete the 3+1 Enrollment Application starting in February/March            

​​​​​​What degrees are earned through the 3+1 Program?

Students must earn an associate degree from RCSJ to participate in the 3+1 Program (junior year). Graduates from other colleges are ineligible. Once the junior year is completed at RCSJ, students will transfer to Rowan University to complete their senior year and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University.            

​​​​​​ Are 3+1 students eligible for financial aid?

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Students are required to complete the FAFSA and include the RCSJ school code (006901). Students can also apply for NJ state aid through HESAA. The application process is on the Financial Aid website: Financial aid questions should be directed to [email protected]| 856-415-2210.​ 

​​​​​​Can I participate in the​ 3+1 Program if I am an EOF or NJSTARS student?

Yes, 3+1 students can continue to participate in the EOF Program and may still be eligible for NJSTARS. Students should confirm their status with each department after enrolling in the 3+1 Program.​​           

​​​​​​Why can’t I register for the 3+1 courses?

The 300-level courses (e.g. BUS 300, PSY 305, COM 310, CRJ 308, etc.) are reserved for 3+1 students only. Students will not be able to register for these courses until they are enrolled in ​the 3+1 Program.

​​​​​​Where should students go for advisement?

While earning the associate degree and during the junior year, students should meet with their assigned RCSJ advisor.      

Cumberland Campus
Schedule an advisement appointment on the Cumberland campus through Starfish or contact advisement at 856-200-4647​ or [email protected].
Gloucester Campus
Schedule an advisement appointment on the Gloucester campus online through the Advisement webpage       
​The senior year will be advised by Rowan University advisors. Instructions for advisement will be provided once 3+1 students are accepted to Rowan University for the senior year. 
Students must meet with an advisor at least once per semester to ensure all degree requirements are met.​
​​​​​​Can students enroll in the 3+1 Program during the Spring semester?

Yes, eligible students can enroll for Fall or Spring entry. However, some majors may be a Fall only entry program.        

​​​​​​Do I need to apply to Rowan University?

No. Once students complete their junior year at RCSJ, they will have a seamless transfer to Rowan University to complete their bachelor’s degree. 3+1 students do not need to complete a transfer application. A transfer application will be completed for 3+1 students the semester prior to transferring to Rowan University. Once students transfer, they are Rowan University students.        

​​​​​​Do the 3+1 courses transfer to other schools?

The 3+1 courses are guaranteed to transfer to Rowan University only. If students transfer to a school other than Rowan University, it is the student’s responsibility to determine if those courses transfer to other colleges or universities.​​  

​​​​​​I earned my associate degree from RCSJ but took time off after graduation. Can I still enroll in the program?

Yes. RCSJ graduates can still enroll in the 3+1 Program if they have taken time off after graduation. However, if students attended other schools during that time, this may affect eligibility. Students should complete the 3+1 Enrollment Application and indicate all previously attended institutions. Official transcripts must be sent to RCSJ to earn transfer credits, if applicable.    

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