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High School Programs at Gloucester

Dual Credit Option

Dual Credit provides high school students the ability to begin their college career working within their local high school and with accredited high school staff.  Students are invited to begin coursework with the same rigor and relevance as their college counterparts, but at a reduced cost, giving them an advantage in their higher educational pursuits. Dual Credit also accelerate the time needed to complete a degree. Students in the RCSJ's Dual Credit program are better apt to understand the demands of time management and critical thinking skills, creating a more positive learning experience with less stress as they choose to complete either an Associate’s degree at Rowan College, or transfer to another college or university.  Students may apply their credit to RCSJ degree programs or request the credit be transfered to other intuitions of higher education.  Rowan College can not guarantee the transfer of college credit earned through Dual Credit.

2022-2023 Agreements:
​Dual Credit agreements for the 2023-2024 academic year are currently being created by Rowan College and area high schools.  These agreements will be posted to this website as they are established and approved. 

How to enroll:
Students will receive an information packet from the high school while enrolled in the articulated course.  Students must submit proper paperwork and payment but the established deadlines. 

Please note:

Dual Credit will not be awarded retroactively; rather, only articulated courses successfully completed during the timeframe in which a Dual Credit agreement has been established.  Deadlines for admissions & payment must be met to be consider for Dual Credit during the agreement timeframe.  

For Questions or Additional Information, please contact [email protected].
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